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So last night the season finale of Korra premiered. WARNING, this entire journal will be spoiling one specific thing from the ending which, if you can’t guess by the title of the journal and everyone tweeting and trending about it, has something to do with Korra and Asami’s relationship.

Now then, the big surprise was that the final moments of the episode involve Korra and Asami just chilling after a party and telling how much they mean to each other. After a consoling hug and some reassuring words, Korra suggests they take a vacation together. Just the two of them, no one else, wherever Asami wants to go. Asami suggests the spirit world. And so the episode ends with the two holding hands looking into each-other’s eyes as they pass into the spirit world.

I gotta say... I am impressed. I genuinely didn’t think that Nickelodeon would allow the Korrasami ship to get that far. Even though the show doesn’t explicitly come right out and SAY they’re a couple, the visual parallels, the looks on each character’s faces, the way throughout the entire 3rd and 4th seasons they’ve been so dear and loving to each other... it’s pretty hard to read this ending as anything BUT them as a couple.

Since the ending of Season 1 my biggest fear with The Legend of Korra was that they were going to shoe-horn Mako in as being the ultimate endgame partner for Korra. Even though it was pretty clear Mako and Korra’s relationship really really SUCKED. It’s been a niggling thought in the back of my head watching every new episode of Korra, so I can’t tell you how relieved I am that it didn’t come true.

One of the wonderful things about Korrasami is that it’s unobtrusive. The Legend of Korra’s plot does not hinge upon it. It’s never shoved in your face. It’s never called attention to that they’re bi-racial, either. It’s just there as two friends who came to realize they meant a lot to each other. That’s it. And you know what? THAT is my so-called “SJW agenda.” I want more representation like that. A lot of people claim I wanna FORCE “social justice” and “political correctness” down their throats, and that’s not true. I just want more representation. Period. And this was, in my opinion, a brilliant way to do it without forcing anything. I want more stuff like this please!

The ONLY thing that bothers me about Korrasami is knowing deep down that the “moral gatekeepers” are the reason Korra can’t actually kiss or tell Asami she loves her. Whenever I bring up my annoyance at kids cartooning not being allowed to show LGBTA content it’s more that I am mad at the societal pressures and system we have set up that demonizes it. Like, Disney can make a gay couple in a live-action TV show... but do that in a cartoon? Yeah not gonna happen (especially as we’ve seen recently from Gravity Falls where the creators frequently try to get around censorship laws to include this type of content). So I’m not really mad at Nickelodeon or Disney or whoever for not allowing openly LGBTA characters or content in their cartoons, I’m mad at society for dictating to them that it’s wrong and making them fear repercussions.

The weird thing about the ending is how small it was too. Like yes there is a big epic battle with Kuvira and Korra... but compared to the ending to Avatar: The Last Airbender this was pretty damn tame. And yet, somehow, it worked for me. I really enjoyed the fact that Korra’s journey is much more personal, and the ending of the series really highlighted that for me. Even though it wasn’t as “impressive” as Aang’s battle with the Fire Lord, it still felt complete and satisfying. It ended on a super positive and happy note.

My only hope now is that if there are any future comics made for the series they’re allowed to go a little more in-depth and say and do stuff they weren’t allowed to do on TV. Kinda like how in the comics to Adventure Time, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are very CLEARLY gay for each other.

And that, my friends, is my thoughts on the finale of Legend of Korra! Thanks to everyone who convinced me to get back into the series after the abysmal 1st season, because the writers clearly were able to make it all up and tie everything together.


One final thing to say...
I’m fully aware that the show doesn’t come out 100% and say that they are a couple. So from that perspective, I understand how one could argue that they are “just two straight friends.” And that’s fine if that’s how you want to perceive it. But please don’t be a dick to the many LGBTA fans for whom this is a HUGE deal. If you have a right saying they’re straight, those fans also have a right to claim they’re a bi or lesbian couple. LGBTA representation in American kids cartooning is so UNDER represented here that I think it’s a really mean spirited and hateful thing to try and take this tiny victory away from them. So yeah, please TRY to be respectful. Have your headcanon and we’ll have ours, ok? ok!
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