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Loved it. All the way through the whole damn season. Even with the episode leaks, the shift to web only, and whatever else Nick was throwing at them, they finally got the series back on track story-wise. I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy Korra after the first season pissed me off so much, but this 3rd season makes up for all the shortcomings and really ends on a solid note.

I’m gonna try not to spoil too much since I really do recommend watching the 3rd season in it’s entirety if you can. It really is that good. Any complaints I’ve had about the first season are pretty much null and void at this point because of how good this season was. The animation was top-notch, the characters were a lot of fun and well written, the villains were complex and unique and sufficiently malicious, and the stakes were raised quite high during these last few episodes.

Honestly, that last scene of Korra in the wheelchair, recovering from her fight with Zaheer and shedding a single tear was extremely powerful. I’m actually a little worried about where she’s gonna go emotionally in season 4. She’s gonna finally have to deal with all the crap that’s been happening to her over the past 3 seasons, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she starts off the season in a bit of a depression or even PTSD state (which, given what she’s been through would make total sense).

And of course there’s the subtle hints of Asami and Korra too. The forced love triangle between Korra, Mako, and Asami from the first season was shit, and they wisely got rid of it in season 2. But season 3 Asami has been Korra’s emotional ROCK throughout the entire season. She’s been there helping Korra go on, even up to the point of helping her recuperate in the wheel chair and being by her side through thick and thin. I know that Nickelodeon will likely never allow a gay (or hey, maybe even bi) character exist in a kids TV show, but I still think it’s pretty clear where the writers WANT her to go now. Even the voice actress for Korra ships Korrasami. Maybe this will have to be a subplot that gets resolved in the comics (where there are less censorship restrictions)? I dunno. But honestly, I just really enjoyed how faithful and supportive Asami was throughout the entire season. Korra really needs that sort of friendship.

And Korra herself is no slouch. She fought off 3 main villains at the same time, rescuing herself, and taking on Zaheer one on one in a truly EPIC battle. That whole sequence was amazingly animated and I gotta hand it to the animation team. It’s sometimes hard to look back on the original Avatar and see how far they’ve come. Every single fight in this season has been amazingly animated, and each one utilizes their powers in unique and fun ways. Sometimes there is a little bit TOO much fighting in my opinion, but god damn... with animation THIS good I can let that nitpick pass!

And how nice to see Jinora get her tattoo and shaved head too!

The villains this time around were also just, much more interesting to see. They all had their unique talents, personality, and bending abilities, but it was Zaheer who really stole the show. He was, without a doubt, THE most threatening villain Korra has ever faced. His villainy explains so much about the Airbending culture too. Airbenders are so fucking powerful they HAVE to be pacifists. They can literally suck the air out of your body! Damn.

Overall, I’m really happy I listened to everyone saying Season 3 was good and got myself caught up to it. I absolutely HATED season 1 and refused to watch any more. But the talk about season 3 piqued my interest and I have to admit... they were right. While season 2 was necessary but overall kinda pointless... Season 3 is downright MANDATORY if you love Avatar.

Props where props are due. You guys did a FANTASTIC job!
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