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Justin Bailey Samus Costume in SSBB
So Nintendo released this today:…

In case you didn’t go check it out, it’s a screenshot of a costume option for Zero Suit Samus which has her dressed in basically a sports-bra outfit. An obvious nod to the “Justin Bailey” code from the original Metroid (or Zero Suit Mission but honestly who cares?).

I honestly wish I could get mad over this, but I’m frankly just sick and tired of this kinda crap. I already apparently “offended” people with my rants about her ugly ass high-heel-boots several months ago, and I don’t wish to go through with that again. Not to mention there does come a point where complaining about “fanservice” in a game ALL ABOUT FANSERVICE becomes kinda... gauche.

Just for the record though, I am not against this outfit per say. There is nothing wrong with wearing sports gear, and it shouldn't be demonized as such, but I also kinda wish more of the male characters were getting the same treatment. If anything it's actually an improvement over the hyper-sexualized Zero Suit costume by having clothing that actually makes sense for a change. But at the same time, his skin-tight outfit DOES kinda exemplify how AWFUL her anatomy is being treated for this game as nearly ALL of her poses look like she's got broken limbs now. So no, please don't take this journal as a "this outfit is awful and you should feel awful for like it" sort of message.

However... I will point out that the WAY in which Nintendo is unveiling this seems a little... strange. I find it kinda odd they had to stress that the person who finished these outfits on time was a “determined female designer.” As if that some how makes it ok? Because if a woman does it, it doesn’t mean it’s sexist or something, right? I dunno, maybe I’m reading too much into it but it did come across as kinda trying to defuse a bomb before it went off.

Zoe Quinn
I hesitate to even talk about this subject because I fear how quickly people are going to ignore my points and instead just regurgitate the bile and baggage that goes with talking about this person... kinda like how you can’t mention Anita Sarkeesian without getting into insane discussions and unpacking large amounts of baggage and biases.

Zoe Quinn is a female game designer. She made the game “Depression Quest,” a game designed to help show people who don’t understand depression how hard living with depression can actually be. And, because she’s a woman working on video games, she’s been the target of massive amounts of hate and harassment simply because her game got green-lit for Steam.

Recently a “games journalist” (i use the term loosely) posted a massive rant about how he use to date her and she cheated on him. If you manage to find the rant (I’m not linking because I refuse to give the scumbag any more attention than he deserves) it’s pretty nuts. It’s almost kinda sad how pathetic he comes across.

And this is the part I wanted to talk about... I don’t care how angry or hurt you are over being cheated on. No matter how high your emotions might run or how vindictive you might feel, posting personal information and slandering their name across the internet by using your journalistic connections and position is a SHITTY thing to do.

It is my opinion that all that stuff should be kept private, and that by posting it publicly you are one of the worse human beings on the planet. And while Zoe isn’t completely innocent in all this, I find it odd that everyone’s focusing on her and not the other guys she apparently cheated on the journalist with. Kinda like how when Kristen Stewart was caught cheating with director Rupert Sanders, no one seemed to give a crap about Rupert Sanders’ involvement in the cheating and instead just used it as an excuse to hate on Kristen Stewart. It takes two to tango, guys.

So yeah... Zoe shouldn’t have cheated, but that doesn’t give this “games journalist” license to post crap like that on the internet because he feels “used.” Part of being a grown up and being mature is NOT doing immature childish things like that. And honestly, all this has really done is just show how unprofessional “games journalists” are compared to ACTUAL journalists. Which is not something the games industry needed.

I also kinda find it a little sick that people are all “aww I’m so sorry depression made Robin Williams kill himself” while simultaneously saying “Zoe Quinn is a monster for cheating on him” without realizing that depression can make people defy their own ethics through self destruction.

Incidentally, in the wake of Robin Williams’s death at the hand of severe depression, Zoe Quinn decided to release Depression Quest for free. You can, if you want, pay a small amount of money as a donation, but you are not obligated to. If you’d like to try the game out, you can do so here:

Phil Fish Again
One last thing. This isn’t a “women in gaming” thing, but it does sorta relate to the previous story of Zoe Quinn.

Phil Fish (the creator of Fez and who recently quit the games industry after years of being bullied) recently took to twitter again. While he has been talking about video games and still voicing his opinion in his usual blunt unapologetic manner, it’s the way the news media was attracted to him that kinda pisses me off.

Seems to me like the news media cherry pick the tweets he makes to create story out of nothing. While Fish hasn’t really changed in voicing his opinions, it’s curious that all his POSITIVE tweets and opinions are being completely ignored in favor of writing many news articles about the one or two which aren’t.

Case in point, all last week Phil Fish has been EXTREMELY active in raising awareness about Ferguson and in retweeting news, stories, timetables, and whatever along with adding his two cents about government and racism issues in America. So what’s the news story about him this same week? “Phil Fish is at it again hating on gamers! lulz!”


I’m not here trying to defend Phil Fish or anything. I’m just saying that the way in which the news sites treat Phil Fish isn’t really as a person. They only seem to report on news articles which back up their already established vision of “this guy is an asshole.” And the same could be said of what Zoe Quinn is going through. It seems like cherry picking.

We are all human beings and we don’t really know one another. It’s at times like this I’m reminded of that quote from John Green: “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”
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