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Over the past couple days I’ve had a number of people write me comments basically saying “You’re becoming too preachy, you’ve lost a fan.” And outside the silliness of publicly mic-dropping like that, it got me wondering... what?

Ya see, It’s always surprises me when someone says that I’m becoming too preachy, when in fact I’ve been preachy from the beginning. Don’t believe me? Take a look below!

This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but these are essentially THE MOST controversial comics and illustrations I’ve ever done in the past 10 years.

2004 - Made a picture about how no one really cares about Global Warming…
2005 - Took the side of Jark in the Deviant Art hostile overthrow controversy.…
2007 and Onward - Made a series of “Danny and Spot” comics dedicated towards defending the Wii from the hatred hardcore gamers had over it.…
2008 - Took a stand against Anime because I had just been burned by the Anime club and was still resentful and bitter about it.
2008 - Made a Howard and Nester comic because I was pissed off at the shitty comic that officially ran in Nintendo Power reintroducing him to the public…
2008 - Took a stand against Christians not understanding other religions celebrate their religious holidays the same time as Christmas…
2008 - Made a comic where a group of Pirate girls insulted men
2008 - Took a stand against California’s Proposition 8…
2008 - Made an illustration showing my support of Obama (which might seem moot now but at the time it was HIGHLY controversial)
2009 and Onward - Have made numerous LGBT support illustrations for various LGBT holidays or events
2010 - Made fun of the PS3’s blatant copying of the Wiimote
2010 - Made fun of Right-wing patriots of America
2010 - Made an illustration expressing my hatred of George Lucas’s continual BOTCHING of the Star Wars franchise…
2010 - Made a comic about how much it annoyed me that all the old American continuity for various Nintendo games were being phased out in favor of the official Japanese continuity
2010 - Made an illustration about the ecological crisis that arose when a oil tanker crashed into the Gulf of Mexico…
2011 and Ongoing - Started a whole new comic series dedicated to complaining about issues comic artists go through…
2011 - Made a comic about how Minecraft ISN’T evil based on a talk-show segment featuring very stupid people…
2011 - Made a comic about how wishy-washy people are about politics and Obama…
2012 - Made a new (if short lived) web series expressing my distain over various political issues
2012 - Made an illustration about how Christianity takes up 78% of America yet thinks they’re somehow “in danger” from the 1.6% of Atheists
2012 - Nearly everything I did for brentalfloss…
2012 - Made a comic making fun of Miss California’s homophobic views -…
2013 - Made a comic about the stupidness of Dragon Crown’s controversy…
2013 - Did the illustrations for brentalfloss’s PRIEST LIGHTNING youtube video:…
2014 - Have made a bunch of comics defending women’s rights in comics and explaining why the American Comic Book Industry right now is failing at them…
2014 - Made an illustration of how shitty Samus’s new shoes are for SSB4…

And ALL of these have been sprinkled throughout a plethora of illustrations, jokes, comics, cartoons, and highly opinionated journals. I’ve very VOCALLY expressed my opinions on LGBT rights, racism, sexism, and have expounded about how I’m an atheist and extremely left-wing in my views.

So I don’t get it when people say I’m becoming too preachy. From where I sit, I’ve ALWAYS been preachy about pretty much anything under the sun. I will always voice my opinions (however right or wrong they might be). That’s what makes me, me.

Maybe it’s because a lot of the issues I was talking about, such as feminism and women’s rights, have started to become more of a thing all over the internet and not just in my small strata of it. Maybe my chiming into issue that I’ve always condemned seems like it’s “hopping on the bandwagon” or something. Or maybe they’re just tired of hearing these issues and my continual comics and journals expressing outrage that these issues still exist bothers them?

Bottom line is... I don’t know why anyone watching me would be angry about me expressing my opinions. That’s what I’ve ALWAYS done and it’s not gonna change. If you can’t handle that, then that’s your problem and you should absolutely not follow me anymore. But please, do not think I’m gonna change being vocal about issues I care about just because you’re sick of them. That ain’t gonna happen :)
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~Desmond Tutu

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”
~Joseph Chilton Pearce

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”
~ John Green


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mortimermcmirestinks 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Well why specifically this? I'm actually preferring this model to Brawl's because yes, they have an unnecessary and unattractive accessory to make her look taller, but the suit is a good deal less skintight, she's less "stick figure with boobs", and she has some better attacks. The character is a microscopic bit less useless and sexist even with the rocket shoes.
That's... Not exactly an improvement...
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FlutterBatCreepy03 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
AngelitaRamos 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
I wanted to let you know that your amazing Adventure Time illustration was shared here:…

What a super job. I don't think I could have done all of that.  Bravo!
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