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3DS Pirate Paintings by TomPreston 3DS Pirate Paintings by TomPreston
I realize that I just wrote a journal saying "I'm off on a break, won't be around for a while, ta-ta" and all that... but Nintendo just released Colors 3D for the 3DS. Holy hell am I enjoying this app! I had to share some of my doodles with you guys!

The one of Alex was my 2nd attempt at painting. My first attempt was a country meadow and it turned out pretty crappy. I sketched and inked the characters on separate layers to keep it all clean (doesn't look very good in 3D). The Talus one was an attempt to get a better grasp of the lineart.

I'm still a little flabbergasted that I was able to paint those on my 3DS. A touch screen interface for painting is something I've always wanted but was never able to afford. Granted this isn't the best app out there, but for quick doodles that I want to work on while I'm out and about, it's perfect! Largest size you can work in is 960x1280 and the app is only $6 in the Nintendo eShop.

I could probably do 10x better than this with my wacom tablet and Photoshop, but I really love the portability of my 3DS and being able to draw so accurately with it. The app is also available on the iPhone (probably the iPad as well).

If you want to view my other artwork and see a video of how I drew these, please visit my "Colors" gallery here: [link]
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April 7, 2012
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