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Captain N The Hunger Games Master by TomPreston Captain N The Hunger Games Master by TomPreston
Copyright 2012 Brent Black, Dan Roth, & Andrew Dobson
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For the most recent brentalfloss comic the idea was to draw the characters from the short lived cartoon series "Captain N: The Game Master" all fighting in a brawl juxtaposed with a paragraph of text and a logo to make it a parody of "The Hunger Games." But, much like the "Futurama Chrono Trigger" cross-over, the image can stand on it's own merits. So for those *few* Captain N fans, I hope you enjoy some much deserved fanart!

In preparation for this drawing, Dan sent me a document containing images of the characters from Captain N, the Hunger Games (for the poses), and the logos to imitate. What's ironic is that they send me my own fanart as reference. I don't know if they realized it was my own drawing until I pointed it out to Brent. As he put it: "Google Image Search makes fools of us all!"

My original Captain N fanart: [link]
The Futurama Chrono Trigger Fanart: [link]

I think it's interesting to compare how I drew the Captain N characters back in 2007 vs how I drew them now. Look at both images and see the difference for yourself!

BTW: Sorry, one more thing. I know the archery hand is wrong. I was using reference from the movie for Lana's pose. I knew she was holding it wrong but I still kept it as part of the "joke." Hope you don't begrudge me on that one :p
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April 13, 2012
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