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End Program by TomPreston End Program by TomPreston
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EDIT: Ok guys, this is NOT a Reboot reference. I don't recall any time during the TV show where a character says "End Program" like that. I do recall them saying "Reboot" and donning costumes in the purple gamecubes, which is what I think everyone is confusing this with. This is a Star Trek reference for when characters want to exit the Holodeck.

EDIT: I'm also a little disturbed by how many people seem to think this is "funny." I never meant it to be, but then again I just might be a little too close to the subject matter to see it from any other perspective...
Ah, I too have felt as such. It's like you just feel like there is something else, something bigger out there, that you can't reach. This comic is relate-able, painful, sad, and funny all at once, like a dromedy in art form.
However I feel like you rushed a bit on the last frame of this comic. Something about the character anatomy strikes me as off for the last one but not enough to ruin the impact. The detailed background is great. There is some uneven shading between the character's body parts (for example, judging by the angle of the light, I think there would be a bit more shading on the side of his face in panel 3.)
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Even though the subject matter of this comic is the very serious topic of depression, I can't help but chuckle at this. I think we've all been here when we're having a crappy day and we can just make it all vanish. The Star Trek Holodeck reference is what really makes me laugh.

The subdued colours really enhance gloomy mood of this poor guy. The comic is also very well paced. I've seen many that would have gone straight from the "tapping the combadge" panel and right to the sighing one. Taking a break in the dialogue and having the character look around in a bewildered fashion is excellent.

All in all, great comic, as always. I'm hoping to see more.
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February 18, 2011
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