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FaceBook by TomPreston FaceBook by TomPreston
Iíve become fascinated by FaceBook, not so much because itís a social website, but because of the people who want to add you as a friend. Most of the time itís people I barely remember in high school, or theyíre from before kindergarden. I donít remember who some of them are, but then there are others who I remember all too well. They might not remember what they use to do to me in school, but I sure do...

I drew this during my livestream today. Usually I ink the entire comic on paper first and then scan it in, but today I decided to be different. I inked the entire thing digitally from a rough sketch I scanned in. This is the first comic Iíve done entirely digitally like that. It takes some getting use to but I wouldnít be opposed to doing other comics this way.
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March 1, 2010
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