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Flossed in Time Page 16 by TomPreston Flossed in Time Page 16 by TomPreston
Copyright 2012 Brent Black, Dan Roth, & Andrew Dobson

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And thus concludes the month long epic "FLOSSED IN TIME."
There's at least one more page, but it's more of an epilogue and not really connected to this main story.

Flossed in Time was primarily written by Dan Roth with assistance from Brent Black. The goal was to do a time traveling story, but keep it contained within a short story format so that new readers wouldn't have had to read the other brentalfloss comics to "get" it.

The events within are also based on real events that took place (an epilogue page with the true historical account will be posted next week), so there was a lot of research that went into this.

In hindsight I think we all agree that we kinda missed the opportunity to examine what the "alternate" future was like. There was a very clear goal in mind for the story centered primarily around Brent's lingering doubts about continuing the "with lyrics" brand, and the alternate future was more or less a result of their meddling, not the drive of the main story arc. Dan has teased me that we might someday come back to this storyline and delve deeper into that alternate future, so stay tuned! Who knows?

This is also the first full story that I worked on a much larger scale. In January I was given a month to get started working on this story, knowing that it would take longer and be bigger than anything we had previously attempted. That month was a godsend because it ended up getting really close to the wire while working on this. I tried to cram as much detail into the backgrounds as I could and I began experimenting with a more defined clear line style of drawing and coloring than I was used to. Overall I am very impressed with the work I did on this short story and I would count it up there as some of my best work thus far.

Now that you've heard me ramble for a bit, what were your thoughts? I only got to see a brief snippet of replies over on the brentalfloss forums, so I am curious to see how this short story played out for all of you and how you felt about it.
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