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Fresh Epics by TomPreston Fresh Epics by TomPreston

I donít know how many of you know this, but SYAC was picked up many months ago by a new company called Fresh Epics. They work with web comics and creators and the list of series they promote include:

Scandinavia and the World - by :iconhumon:
Romantically Apocalyptic - by :iconalexiuss:
Stupid Fox - by :iconsilentreaper:
Acero Tiburon - by :iconacerotiburon:
Niels - by :iconhumon:
Apofiss - by :iconapofiss:

With more comics and series on the way.

Fresh Epics is based in England and they recently attended the London Comic Con: MCM EXPO back in October. I wasnít there because itís across the ocean and I canít afford to travel that far.... yet...

Fresh Epics is the main reason why Iíve put so much time and effort into SYAC recently in trying to improve it. Iíve been immensely pleased with their support and I think if I had been left to my own devices SYAC probably would have been discontinued after my first sabbatical only a few months in (for the record Iíve had 3 sabbaticals now lol).

So thank you Fresh Epics, you guys ROCK! And all the other artists who are associated with them do too! Iím sure many of you already follow or know of them, but if you donít I STRONGLY encourage you to check out their stuff!
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January 4, 2012
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