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Internet Prefaces by TomPreston Internet Prefaces by TomPreston
Copyright 2012 Andrew Dobson
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You’ve all seen or experienced this, right? You go to try and talk about something and there’s always that one person who feels obligated to “remind” everyone about an issue tangentially related to the topic out of some sense of internet duty? It’s an unwritten rule, but I see it everywhere. Especially so if it has to do with anything geek related like video games and movies.

You liked Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Be sure to mention that River Phoenix died!
You loved The Dark Knight? Don't forget that Heath Ledger died too!
Talking about the Spiderman trilogy? Be sure to mention the American flag and emo Parker!
You love Disney movies? Oh be sure to mention all the untrue “subliminal messages” they insert into everything!
You like the Ps3? Don’t forget to mention the internet blackout and lack of games!
You love Simpsons? Be sure to give a shout out to Family Guy and South Park too!
You love Zelda games? Keep reminding everyone about those god-awful CD-i games no one bought!
You like Star Wars? Be sure to point out the prequels sucked and remind everyone about Jar-Jar!

Is anyone else TIRED of this sort of thing?

Edit: Why a squid?
It's a nerdfighter reference to Hank Green's viewpoint of the internet being a place full of "giant squids of anger." [link]

Edit 2:
I guess I wasn't clear enough in my message. I'm not surprised, but it does kinda defeat my point having to write a preface to explain it. The following post expresses it very clearly though:

yeah, it was a tragedy people, but it doesn't represent the movie, and never should. it should just represent how messed up this world can be.

You wanna talk about the messed up world, go ahead, but the point being made is stop derailing the topic on hand because something has any relation to it whatsoever. not talking about recent events that occurred during a movie while talking about that same movie is not insensitive, why drag the negative into the conversation anyways? making jokes about the shooting, that would be insensitive. go after people doing that, not people who just don't see the need to bring a conversation to something that really has nothing with the subject at hand, or dwell on the negative.

I am in NO WAY saying you shouldn't feel bad about the tragic events that happened last week, nor suggesting, inferring, or recommending that you shouldn't/don't CARE about what happened. And I am most definitely not saying that you shouldn't offer your help and support to those injured in the event.

Edit 3: And one more wonderfully written comment:
I love how people are getting upset with the fact that you used lesser examples to try and illustrate your point.

NO, the fact that the prequels aren't as good as the original trilogy is not a tragedy comparable to the shooting. Neither is the existence of the CD-i Zelda games. But thats not the point. That was never the point, to try and make those out to be tragedies like the shooting.

They are EXAMPLES that, on a smaller scale, are used to help illustrate the idea of the comic, that talking about DKR, or anything really, automatically means you must associate EVERY BAD THING THAT IS APPROXIMATE TO IT. The movie is not about the shooting, and it never should be. The ties between the movie and tragedy are there, and they won't ever go away, but that doesn't mean we cannot like (or dislike) the film based on its own merits, and mourn and aid the victims of the shooting as the tragedy it is. Yet some people ignored the theme of the comic entirely and just go "OH YOU TALKED ABOUT THE PREQUELS?! THE AREN'T A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY, SO THE COMPARISON IS TABOO." Geez.

My deep condolences go out to those who were affected by this horrible tragedy, though. In no way should we ever forget this tragedy.
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