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Might Switch Force Sketches by TomPreston Might Switch Force Sketches by TomPreston
Remember a while back I said I was "going back to school" and working on improving my artwork via online critiques?

Yeah I haven't forgotten about that, I'm still doing it.

This is the rough pencil sketche for some fanart I want to make for "Might Switch Force" on the 3DS.

Any advice/suggestions/critique/whatever is welcome.

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback. I used it to finish up the deviation which can be found below:
Well, first I like the idea of the sketch. The characters seems to have some special chemistry between themselves. I personally don't like the anime style for a critique. But in this case doesn't play against the sketch.

The main character is far one of the more originals, by the face. Absolutely make a great difference and that plays in a very funny way to the sketch.

One of the things that doesn't like me are the 2 girls of the sides, specially one of the right. She is to stereotypic. But is the only thing that I don't like.

Relative original, Good technique, a interesting vision and impact by the main character.

I have to apologize for my poor English :D.
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The only complaints are I have on this is:

The girl on the far right's arm isn't up to scale with the distance of the ball. You might need to put her knees up farther.

The position of the girl on the far left's shoulders are too far up and the right knee should go a little farther back. Maybe instead of along the end of the ball-chain, make it 3/4ths the way there.

That's about it, but those are miniscule problems that I don't think would bother people much.

I hope you become more famous than you are now. Happpy New Years.
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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January 1, 2012
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