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Miyamoto by TomPreston Miyamoto by TomPreston
I honestly don't know what happened, but this work seems to have disappeared from my gallery so I'm reposting it.

I made this for a Nintendo Power contest back in like 2007-2008. I was one of the first to finish and post in the Nsider forums, and as a result every kinda copied my idea of having Miyamoto surrounded by his creations. In the end that made my work seems less original by comparison and I ended up not winning.
Critique by PunkFisher Jan 3, 2012, 6:16:03 PM
So much wrong, much to fix.

First off Samus Aran, is not even Miyamoto's creation, it was Hiroji Kiyotake's creation, so Samus has nothing to do with this.

Mario's cap peak is out to far and should be cut back a bit, the brother's eye brows should be leaving their heads, it make them look as if their smiling with no effective emotions, their eyebrows are literally on their caps! In fact Peach doesn't even seem to display any visible emotion that might even be their.

I'm sure you can fix this to actually bring out the real "Miyamoto" in these piece, until then, no.
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I like it, for the most part you got it right, except peach is blond and koopas are green

But the rest is acuit ,

Do you take requests, if so, can you do more 2 0 1 2 stuff, if not, then please ignore what I just said. Let's see I have 4 6 words left, so, ahhhhh, what do you think about........ Stuff? How does one register to vote, do you know?

I like you art work and other things like that, 1 5 words left, so thanks for all the things, WORkER OF AMERICA, UNITE AS One AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!!!
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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September 14, 2010
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