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New Poster Sketch 2 by TomPreston New Poster Sketch 2 by TomPreston
This is an updated version of the poster sketch I just posted based off feedback and critiques from people.

I made it more dynamic and added many more British related symbols and characters. Since I know this is just a sketch and not 100% perfect, I'm gonna describe a couple of the references that might be hard to make out. The Beatles are on the double decker bus on the right, the Cheshire cat top left. Harry Potter, Marry Poppins, Paddington Bear, and Feathers McGraw, are being beamed up by the flying "saucer" tea cup with the British flag. GOD from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" is peeping out of the clouds. The yellow submarine bottom left, Abby road on the bottom right. Big Ben and the ferries wheel towards the left and Dobby the House Elf is driving the bus.

While I like this composition, I think I might tilt the tea cup to counter balance against the Tardis surfing, which would of course require Peter Pan and the Cheshire cat to be moved slightly too.

Thoughts? Advice? Criticism? Critiques? I want to make this poster awesome so please, advice is helpful!

The first sketch is located here and you can see the different between the two for youself: [link]
I like this sketch very much. I'm not very good with critique or offering criticism for anyone else's work other than my own so I don't think I could do much there. The characters that are far in the back (mary poppins, harry potter paddington bear) are somewhat obscure but being that this is a sketch and not a final drawing, also the fact that there position way towards the back would make it technically correct, is perfectly acceptable. Feathers McGraw however is done a bit more detailed which distracts somewhat... but as I said before this isn't a completed work (not that I can so anything the bulk of the work I post on here is generally line art of my OCs) I personally like the perspective you have here tilting the tea cup may change you're overal composition so I don't think I could offer much insite on that. The perspective seems to have the buildings and backdrop pulled towards the the top center of the page as if viewed from a low angle which was intentional. The double decker bus with The Beatles riding in it also reflects this which makes it appear skinnier, which this sort of bus has that look to begin with on top of it. The character in the foreground also reflects this same use of perspective. I wish I could get myself to take the time to draw something like this
What do you think?
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I think it's a great idea. Lots of action and familiar British favourites.
Big Ben is especially nice, that one's a definite keeper.
Personally I find his wand holding arm to be somewhat awkward in angle, though not badly drawn at all. As you said about the teacup I believe it would be more effective tilted the opposite direction that it is, a 60 degree angle or so.
Considering that it seems more poster-ish than normal page I almost want to advise using you on the phone booth as a page divider, that is, everything on the left and right don't necessarily need to follow the ground angle. That would be a large change however and I understand not considering the change for that reason.
Overall the idea is superb and I look forward to the final version no matter how you decide to do it.
What do you think?
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April 26, 2012
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