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No Favs From You by TomPreston No Favs From You by TomPreston
I need to show my support to people I watch more often than just favoriting their works. So in the spirit of fun, here’s a picture of a couple of characters/people I follow running away from me. Wee!

Drawing other people’s characters is always a challenge because when you draw your own you develop a sort of short-hand which is rendered completely ineffective by the unfamiliar.

Postal/Chance: the low-budget superhero :iconpyawakit:
Kevin Bolk’s Self Mascot :iconkevinbolk:
Rocky from Lackadaisy Cats :icontracyjb:
Taco-Man plays a video game: [link]

All characters copyright their respective owners.
The message withouth resorting to any support commentary says the following:

"Nobody wants me to favorite their stuff"

And judging by the comment, it only makes it even more cryptical.

Anyways, there is a flashy mistake in Tom Preston's persona. There's no concordancy on how is his left hand holding the paper. Both the fingers and the thumb are in front of it. None of them seems holding the paper. Totally opposite to the right had which seems like the thumb is holding the reverse of the paper as it should.

The cat's expression is empty. It simply shows nothing. No fear, no hurry, not a single emotion.

Also, the pose of the girls is severely flawed. It's not clear where she's running, dodging, sprinting, or floating in space.

Besides, a huge flaw when drawing groups is that of drawing each one floating. There's barely no reason for this. In order to give a more dramatic look at this, it would be necessary to feat at leat one of them's foot supporting on the ground as taking impulse to start running.

And regarding the "short-hand" thingie: it's true that a person's "style" is the set of characteristic the person feels comfortably with when depicting characters, scenarios, or inorganical elements. However, this doesn't mean a person is dumbfounded when depicting other's styles.

A goo example of this is Peter Chung, maker of Eaon Flux. He's well know for this, however, he took part the design of characters for the children series Rugrats. Meaning he can't only draw "slim and sexy" characters but also desing content for children television.

This abbility to adapt to different styles is crucial for whoever plans to work professionally. Sticking to a single style will work only if said style is widely regarded as "appealing". Otherwise, it will only get the person imprisoned in their uncapability to adapt.
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Dobson, i'm fooled by your looks. You used slightly good looks to trick me into faving you. I think everyone hates you for being whiney. There is a Tumblr explaining why you're crazy. And I mean crazy in a bad way. This is why the other Andrew got the job and not you. Get back to college, for the love of god. And stop acting like a nutcase. Nice drawing on Tacoman though. Please don't block me just for being a occasional critic. And you still traced Big Ben. We will never forgive you for doing that. (Tracing Big Ben.)
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November 13, 2010
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