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September 12, 2013
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SYAC - Be Quiet by TomPreston SYAC - Be Quiet by TomPreston
Copyright 2013 Andrew Dobson
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I keep getting asked why I keep focusing so much on women's rights in comics. Well, here's a prime reason for why I keep talking about it.... because crap like this KEEPS HAPPENING.

This... is Quiet. She’s a character made for an upcoming Metal Gear Solid video game, and the creator has come out proudly proclaiming that they intentionally designed her outfit this impractically just to sell sexy figurines. This is a case study of everything wrong with female character design in gaming, how they are objectified first and foremost, and how little respect the creators have for their audience. She isn't dressed this way to reveal anything about her character, she's dressed this way to sell merchandise. She is designed specifically as pandering T&A first and foremost. She is an object for male gaze and attention. She is intentional eye candy for a presumed male audience. Any character development or interesting personalty will be a garnish at best. NOTHING can justify this ludicrously impractical outfit outside dollar signs.

Ya want me to stop talking about women's rights in nerd culture? Stop letting sexist crap like this continue to perpetuate.

On the plus side, at least the creators are being HONEST about their intents...

EDIT: Wow... so uh.. I was not expecting THIS much blacklash over this comic. Yikes. Since there are so many points that need to be addressed and so many sources to include and what-not, I've conveniently made a journal explaining things a bit bitter rather than trying to fill up my description box with 18 pages of text. So if you're curious to learn more, go here:…
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Remember when Raiden run around naked in Arsenal Gear?, remember the date between BB and Miller?, remember all those jokes about Snake being gay for Otacon?, remember Volgin? remember doing mission wearing a speedo in PW?
Oh yeah, he never played any Metal Gears, holy shit Preston at least do your research.
If quiet's new backstory involves her being tortured and possibly raped...

How is this not considered offensive to have her running around semi nude as pandering eye candy? I mean... That's kinda gross if you think about it. She was tortured and raped... But we get to see her nearly naked and that's suppose to be empowering???
We still know nothing about the backstory of the characters in TPP (Code Talker, Eli for the most part or Skull Face hatred for BB), hell I heard shes suppose to be part chameleon, its still too early to hate a character just because of how she dresses.
Also Miller had the work of his life (MotherBase) destroyed, was tortured, lost an arm, a leg and (possibly) his eyes so why would people not care about Miller but care about some new character we know nothing about.
You need to see things from a different angle, maybe Quiet has a reason for sniping in that outfit and have those camouflage "powers".
Finally having eye candy or being attractive does not detract from the character, BB has a great body but he still is a great character, same goes for Liquid and Snake, same goes for Sniper Wolf and The Boss (who is the single most selfless and "perfect" character in the series).
"You need to see things from a different angle, maybe Quiet has a reason for sniping in that outfit and have those camouflage "powers"."

Well when the creator of the character says he designed her for cosplay first and foremost... I kinda have a hard time seeing this from anything other than a pandering attempt at "sex sells." Which is what makes it so unbelievable uncomfortable when he now claims that she's been tortured and possibly raped. It's almost like he's TRYING to fetishise rape victims. And I dunno about you, but I don't think that's cool for ANY gender. Male or female.
Fetishising rape victims? Do you honestly believe Kojima would fetishise victims of a crime? Jesus people whats with you?
This is Kojimas darkest game, which tackle mature and serious subjects (his words) so you know you're going to find depravities and the lowest of what mankind can fall but assuming he is trying to fetishise any of the stuff present in the trailers (child soldiers, child killing, torture and gore) is just so mind boggling.
Im going to ask for a third time, do you honestly believe that Kojima (and the group of writers) would fetishise victims of crimes? (I honestly expect a yes because someone cant have such malice in his heart).
I sincerely hope he doesn't... but if you give me a half naked protagonist running around with jiggle physics and skimpy clothing and then tell me she's a rape victim... I mean... How can I NOT look at that as fetishising a rape victim?

I hope for the best, but thus far given his track record for "maturity" in his games I am not holding my breath.

Also, side note: It's possible to  have dark and mature games without needing swearing, sex, excessive violence, blood, gore, rape, etc. Just because a game HAS those things doesn't make it a "good story." Or even "mature."
I'll pitch in to say a few things.

Like a lot of the stuff out there it's just too obvious for me, overdone, or simply seems misplaced to have it.  In this case, I think it's the last option, that is, this is misplaced.  To me, unless you don't want me to take your story seriously (in which case you can have all the scantily clad women you want doing whatever), then the only reasons you're going to have a character like this dressed in this manner is 1) she's a femme fatale who almost always dresses and acts provocatively and is usually voluptuous, 2) she's a love interest for the protagonist.  Usually love interests sort of like femme fatales are meant to stand out (not always but often so).  And last but not least 3) there's some particular circumstantial reason for the character and the wardrobe (note this isn't meant to be something completely arbitrary like the creator wanting to sell merchandise or what-so-have-you, but something unique to the story).  For me, much as I thought she looked sexy, I was under the impression that Kojima was really going to go completely serious on this game.  I look at this character and believe that she must be some kind of exception.  I mean a pair of shorts perhaps minus the stockings might be more reasonable I guess (obviously not realistic, but hey this is a game we're still talking about).  After all, if the setting is someplace in Africa and Afghanistan, we all know how hot part of those places can be (yes I do know it can get cold in Afghanistan too), but beyond that I don't get the getup unless those above rules qualify (I'm guessing it will have to be rule 3 and that is probably going to be a doozy to accept.  I mean unless her skin can actually blend in with her surroundings or something, then I haven't the slightest idea why she should be running around half naked). 

But again this is if you want me to take your story somewhat seriously.  If you want some giggles and what not then do what you like.  No one is really going to care.  Otherwise cut this kind of crap off because it's been done to death.  Don't tell me you've got a serious story on hand and then shove this in my face as proof as to how serious your story is.  I still think they will have such, but why have this is an aberration to me. 
So a woman that just escaped her captors, who was beaten and abused and probably, most likely raped, on a daily basis no doubt, who had the strength and will to keep living and the power to strike back against those who did he wrong, being taught through her hard life how to deal with pain, is a sexualised icon because you interpret her that way and because nudity automatically equals sexual? Great job, dwebus, you couldn't have interpreted it more wrong. And I see not even going off the page one of your other comics about that bullshit on art interpretation. If you can tell me why it's sexist then please do try, but I don't understand how this character that embodies the other end of punishment, the receiving end of the cruel fist, is even remotely sexual. You could make the argument with bayonetta, but Kamiya would spit in your face and say "Yeah, so?" Also, to further push this idea, bayonetta is a sexual icon in a way and the amount of skin she is showing is minimal. Show me one scene where Quiet is walking up to guards and seducing them. Show me one thing that isn't your personal opinion, which is that showing skin=sexual, that says "Quiet is supposed to be a sexual icon and takes many guards to bed of her own will, fucking them because that's all she knows how to do because she's a woman." Maybe you seeing her as sexual is because you feel aroused by a beaten and punished girl? Maybe you need to see a doctor, because you probably sprung a leak when you saw big boss reveal her scars too, and that was also not a sexual scene. But hey, you, and your fans seem to think, "Durr hurr hurr, der are booobies, that means sex, pfft ahahahah!" 
No, I say that because Kojima himself said he designed her for Cosplay first and then got angry when people reacted to him.

Also, we don't know what her "story" is yet, since the game isn't out... but given the track record I sincerely doubt it's gonna be all that powerful.
Not retracting my comment, but also realizing what you meant, I also have an argument for that which goes with the prior statement:
When Big Boss' backstory was showing her being backstabed by the US government not once, but twice, the original backstab being when she had to put a bullet into her husband's head, that didn't touch you in a soft place? I know you're a big man, and big man's gotta have a lot of soft spots, especially after all of those "fries with that, sir." When you learned of the Beauty and the Beast unit's horrible pasts, you didn't even flinch? You have to be really sick deep down not to feel a thing learning that these people lived such cruel lives. Or, pray tell, are you making it up? Have you not played the games, therefore the "track record" you talk about is just fictitious? I have a feeling you haven't even read up on the lore, so I suggest, before you make another bold comment about kojima, as much as I dislike his modern works, you keep your mouth shut, think twice, and keep your hands off the keyboard until you figure out how strong the women in the released games are before you comment on the ones in games that aren't released. Super job by the way, I forgot to congratulate you for making statements about a game that isn't even out yet and couldn't even give it the benefit of the doubt.
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