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So Youre A Cartoonist - Jokes by TomPreston So Youre A Cartoonist - Jokes by TomPreston
This is a series I call ďSo Youíre a Cartoonist?Ē which deals with all of the typical questions or remarks I receive whenever I tell people that I draw cartoons for a living.

Iím never this condescending in real life, but this is an issue I feel pretty strongly about. Sometimes I feel like Iím one of the last people on earth who understands that humor is subjective and not something you can easily turn into a science project. When I get people complaining to me that they donít like my humor and then hear them go into detail about something they read in a wikipedia article about joke structure, I just have to say to them ďthereís more than 1 way to tell a joke and as long as the message comes across, I succeeded and I don't care if there's a 'better way.'Ē

Címon guys. Iím a cartoonist. Iím not Robin Williams or Jack Black here. Iím not trying to light the world on fire with my over the top and hilarious exploits and fantastic artwork. Iím just here to entertain myself, and if youíre entertained too, then alright!

EDIT: If I may steal a recent comment from someone:
"It's not 'CRITIQUE IS WRONG BLARGH', it's 'don't be a douche using overly scientific stuff you're quoting off a site, as if it's common knowledge about a subjective subject like comedy'."
HAHAHAHAHAHA Dude, best one yet, in terms of humor, I love how you fooled this idiot into one of the oldest tricks in the book, my reason of this hapenning is that he was so centered in the fact that HE WANTED TO PROOVE HIS POINT AT ANY CAUSE no matter what you think about it, I would know, I sometimes act that way, but in a less asshole kind of way

Anyways, what also makes this one the best one so far, is that you finally respond back at one of this convention trolls, which is so hillarious considering that you've been acting so patience and calm the entire series that is awesome that you are finally responding back at them, cynism is the most perfect weapon of them all against these asholes, my cousin has thaught me that

Not wanting to be a conventio asshole, but I would love to see the next part of the series you dealing with someone calling you a TRACER or acusing you that when it comes to draw already existen characters, that you only take examples that have already been drawn, I don't know If I made myself clear on that last statement

But anyways, a solid and polished job as always, I hope to see more in the future. PEACE OUT!
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okay , this is such a amazing comic , i love the colors , the expressions and also the comedy ! :XD: i giggled so hard when i saw this ! i reconize that u use ebrows somewhat like walt disney ! i think that is amazing ! also i just adore the sarcasm of your character !
"thats the sound of noone caring !"
alot of people should think like that when someone says something rude like that about their art ! it takes alot of time to make them ! and alot of heart also ! :la: i love all of the comics youve made of this ! oh and before i forget i love the way the colors are so settle , they match eachother ! the blues yellows and green , then with just the red cloth on the desk ! :,D it makes my eyes happy lol XD i cant wait to see more from you! :aww: please continue posting !
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January 10, 2011
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