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So Youre a Cartoonist - DrawMe by TomPreston So Youre a Cartoonist - DrawMe by TomPreston
This is a series I call “So You’re a Cartoonist?” which deals with all of the typical questions or remarks I receive whenever I tell people that I draw cartoons for a living.

I get this ALL the time. Without fail this is one of the MOST asked questions I get when I tell people I’m a cartoonist. “Can you draw me?” Well, yeah I can... but it’s very time consuming, difficult for me to do, and isn’t something I can just whip up on a moment’s notice. What’s worse is that NOBODY understands why I can’t do it on a whim. When you meet an architect do you give them a giant blue-print and say “design me a building” just to see them work?

As an added bonus of irony, I designed the guy asking to be drawn to look very simplistic, generic, and easy to draw.
Dear lord, if I could count the times this has happened to me. This comic explains pretty much why I personally dislike telling people I draw. At least once a week, I'll have someone I know ask me to draw them. An artist is always happy to hear that you like their work enough that you'd like a little piece of your own but don't get uppity when they tell you it'll take some time or just flat-out refuse to do it. Tom's expression in the last panel is one I'm all too familiar with. Drawing isn't an instant thing. It takes time and effort. All in all, this comic hits me at a personal level and I love it for that.
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I can relate to this! It's so horrendous getting people who don't even bother to take an interest in your work, they just jump in and ask "OH DRAW ME." Like we can do it on a moment's whim. This portrays the message very well and shows the struggle that a lot of artists go through. Especially for cartoonists, since most of their drawings are simple until cleaned up (don't know how you do it though)
But onto the actual picture, your style is awesome. It reminds me of Jim Davis so much (and I read where he is a major source of inspiration in one of your other comics) and it's most awesome. I could see a series like this in the Sunday paper funnies section. Excellent work (:
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December 27, 2010
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