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March 11, 2013
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These Clouds Go to Eleven by TomPreston These Clouds Go to Eleven by TomPreston
Copyright 2012-2013 Brent Black, Dan Roth, & Andrew Dobson
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I'm conflicted about this strip. On the one hand I love the joke and the tie-in to the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special, on the other hand I really really REALLY suck at drawing real people, and the various Doctors in particular have always given me trouble.

This strip needing to be finished very fast to remain topical (literally one day after the special aired), forcing me to watch the special for the reference (something I wasn't planning to do because I like to wait till seasons of shows are over so I can watch them all in a row on Netflix). So I have mixed feelings about this one. I like the concept, but I struggled to get it done in the short amount of time I had to work on it.

Ah well... enjoy! Also look for all the Doctor Who references in the final panel.
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Apple-Fruit Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013

They really should have closed the door...

You did a good job of the comic though, I like how you drew Clara's dress.


ByrdieRose Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sadly, I imagined the exact same thing...
Ramani-Rayne Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
The soufflé is a nice touch!
Mad-Plot-Bunny Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Student General Artist
I thought this was kind of cute. I'd remember this scene.
repopera Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Student Writer
Clara? Thats a fat girls name. ~The Breakfest Club
Orokah Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
... was this an insult to doctor who. Or a memory to his sorrows?
lordgunslinger Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013
mario bross... mario everywhere XD
skyethehegehog Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Student Writer
honestly Clara looks pretty dead on, the doctor's nose could be smaller but considering your time restraints this is really impressive
Julesworld99 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Student Writer
And that my friends is how it went down *hail of bricks*
MadHipsterChick Featured By Owner May 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, don't worry, because if she's like any Doctor Who character she'll die at least three more times. Rory himself died five times. Also i understand you're pain. I keep trying to get his chin right, but he can put someones eye out with it.
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