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March 10, 2012
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WTF America? by TomPreston WTF America? by TomPreston
I know I promised not to do any more political cartoons for a while, but sometimes when you work on one thing other ideas present themselves.

I fully acknowledge that this is politically biased. I've never pretended I wasn't partial to one side over another, and I'm not going to stop now.

EDIT: "Obama didn't KILL Bin Laden!"
Perhaps choosing the word "got" would have been better? If you think I'm suggesting he was the one who physically took Bin Laden's life, then you're just being stupid. Obama (while he didn't start the program) is the one who ordered the military strike which resulted in Bin Laden's death. I summed it up to make a point, so please... stop arguing semantics.

EDIT: "Global Warming is FALSE!"
If you can't trust NASA, then who CAN you trust? [link]

EDIT: I don't know what's scarier... that people seem to be missing the point of the comic (which is being a rational person = weak while being insane = strong) or the number of conspiracy theories being spewed left and right.

EDIT: I don't feel like stressing this again, so I'm just gonna copy/paste a quote from a DA user who summed up my feelings pretty succinctly: "It's amusing that people are going OMG YOU'RE SO BIASED YOU NEED TO BE LESS BIASED. News flash, people: Not everything on the internet has to be rootless and unbiased. Especially not a political cartoon, which by the nature of its label pretty much demands a bias - otherwise it's just a cartoon with politicians in it."
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lilpinkneko Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you....someone GETS IT. 
LilSiZi Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
Couldn't be more right. My father is an independent and use to support the republicans when they were in their right mind. Now, he believes they've all gone crazy. I do too.
hollow-welt Mar 14, 2014   Artisan Crafter
probably time to update this with the whole NSA thing and it's impact.

i dont care for american politics but i think point two is also interesting in light of the bailouts and what the banks etc did with the money. executive bonuses etc.
What i'm personally wondering is why is no one commenting on "refuses to budge even when proven wrong". I have less grasp of american politics than a polar bear, so no comments there. But just from reading a few pages (of too goddamn many to read on a break, sorry if i missed a critical comment), i noticed that those that either support the "strong leadership" or just dislike Obama have yet to admit defeat or even just accept the fact that humanity has created the most complex thing ever, morals, when argued against. Then again, i haven't seen any Obama-supporters yield either. So what can we say for sure?

Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.No, I disagree! Nope 

So what should we do? :-? (Confused) 

That is what i'm left wondering.
"Improved relations with foreign countries."...mmmmm, nope!  and to anyone who cites how he won re-election, I have one thing to add...

The Devil is an Angel when you're not sure! 

America is most definitely not sure.
femjesse Feb 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Global warming is false. So false in fact that scientists had to rename it "climate change" to keep their jobs since it's getting cooler. Also if republicans want to "remove women's rights" I can say that democrats want to kill millions of babies every year. There are two sides to this coin.
Hypocrisy at the finest.Nod So cute.
femjesse Feb 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
How is it hypocrisy? If you speak in absolutes I will answer you in absolutes to show you just how narrow minded you are.
"Global warming is false." = absolutes = narrow minded

Thank you.
femjesse Feb 21, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Waste your time believing in your false god. At least there is evidence proving how false global warming actually is. Scientists send emails warning not to divulge information that contradicts their theories so they can keep their hefty government grants. They're basically breaking scientific law to keep this ruse going and keep the public in the dark. That is a truth. Their science is not true science, it is a belief system like any other religion. It is meant to keep money in their pockets and people in their place.
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