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December 20, 2012


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About my break
Despite the increase in activity from me here on DA recently, I'm not entirely "back" in the normal sense of the word. I'm kinda just tip-toeing the waters to see if things have calmed a bit. I'm still trying to get through my issues, with mixed success, and a two month leave of absence isn't going to undo years of stress buildup and stubbornness. But I'm working on it, slowly but surely. You might see some new work here or there, but I don't think I'm ready yet to jump back into doing any of my longer narratives.

In fact, judging by my recent comic's reception, I probably am not ready for a full fledged return just yet...

Kotaku Sunday Comics WIN!
Before I get to the heart of the matter, I would like to thank everyone who voted for brentalfloss over on Kotaku. Kotaku has a weekly feature called "Sunday Comics" where they showcase strips from various game-related web comics and brentalfloss the Comic was up for nomination of being included in the lineup. And it won! I'm actually quite impressed since I wasn't able to really give any sort of "heads up" aside from a brief post on facebook to help out. Thank you everyone!!

On Bad Advice
I get this a lot, but after my recent comic it's been parroted around even worse than usual:

"He needs to be stopped because his advice is bad for all young impressionable artists."

Thankfully, impressionable young artists don't exist in a vacuum where my advice or viewpoint is their sole source of information on how to exist. All advice, whether you think it's helpful or not, benefits a person's development of their self. And even if my "bad" advice "might" influence some young artist, if they chose to ignore all other advice given to them by teachers, professors, other more accomplished artists, etc, then that fault isn't mine or my responsibility.

You don't have to agree with what I have to say, but I'm nowhere NEAR as influential as some might think I am, and I am certainly not respected enough to give me any sort of professional "clout." Art as a concept doesn't need "white knights" defending it from the likes of me. And I really wish people would stop making it out like I think I'm some sort of artistic god, which I clearly am not.

I just want to make comics and have fun. People really need to stop over analyzing everything I say or putting so much emphasis and weight on how I say it. I'm not that important, guys. I'm semi-popular making low-brow comics and fan art on a niche internet website. I am not in any sort of position of power, I am not in control of people's opinions, and I am not making millions off my "mediocre" work.

Is it bad for me to suggest people should focus that defensive energy into making their own stuff better than mine and to stop worrying so much about my artistic development (or lack thereof)?
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Caliphos Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Amen. Compare the advice issue to people who wish to sue McDonald's for making them fat. Same argument. For all of your "bad advice" this seems like awfully "good" advice. Oh the irony. This is meant as a supportive comment, though it might not quite sound like one?
Childofwestwind Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I am glade to see your kind of back, I told you once on Tumblr that you gave me inspiration to draw again. You will forever be one of my hero's and I hope your working towards seeing the hero in yourself. My art teacher even warned us that the higher we go with our art education the more cruel people can be, i don't think you ever been cruel. Honest but not cruel. I still hope to meet you one day at a con, no matter if your at your own table or just there for the con of the con! Please take good care of yourself, mentally and physically and have a happy holidays and a wonderful new year! :]
archangel-of-exodus Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Take the time you need!

Les mauvaises paroles ressortent toujours du lot parce qu'elles sont criées plus fort. Pour une poignée de personnes irrespectueuses du travail que tu fais, il y en a des centaines qui te suivent attentivement parce qu'ils apprécient comme moi ton oeuvre.

Sorry for the part in french, but there was to many word I could not express in english ah ah.
tehferg Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
I think you give good doesn't necesarily need to be taken by everyone, especially if they don't want it, but it helped me. I'm no comic artist, or cartoonist, I write stories, none of which I've put here yet for the reason that I don't want that stress quite yet. instead I'm sharing it with close friends, and improving it first. Thank you for the advice, it's helped. Hope you get better and are able to return to full activity soon. Love your stuff!
endler Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You know, I've been looking over your art for about three years now and I still don't get where the hatred is coming from. If you really were horrible with criticism before, you clearly aren't that bad with it now - and if you are...damn, I must be blind to it and I'm the sort of person who just seethes when popular folks reject constructive criticism. Maybe it's because all I've ever seen over the last couple years is 'THIS SUX AND ISN'T FUNNY', which, really...I don't think that's constructive criticism.
And then there's the other reasons. Every reason seems to consist of something you did/were like in the past. People are actually using things from years ago to try to get a frail shot at you. That's just...damn that's weak.
But, getting off track here - you just do what pleases you, as a lot of people have been saying. I honestly don't believe what I've seen of your advice is awful...most of it appears pretty solid, particularly the fact that people should try learning how to draw by first doing what they see around them, so forth and so on.
Just do what you wish and listen more closely to the people who are actually giving true advice that doesn't consist of 'I don't like this and that's it. No advice. I just don't like it'. Cheers. c:
Izzie-67 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, as I've said before, take all the time you need. Your well-being matters infinitely more than dA.

Congrats about Kotaku Con. That's awesome!

I don't get why people are so concerned about "bad advice" to people other than them. Honestly, if they feel the advice is bad, why not offer better advice themselves rather than blame you? I mean, clearly, this is a matter outside my expertise since I rarely get people asking me for artistic advice, but... it just seems silly to me that this is even an issue. I just don't see how it's anyone's concern what advice you do or don't give to someone. If you gave them advice that they didn't agree with, that's one thing, but what's between you and another artist is none of their concern.

In my opinion, anyway.
SuperSploinks Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Other M was a good game.
darksapphiredragon Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
nope and although i do think those people need to get off their high horse. i also think that you do get a lot of readers, so don't sell your self short.
luvedragon Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
What I don't understand is why people get so worked up about you "giving bad advice to young artists". I mean, what does some random person's life have to do with anyone? Why give any care about someone they don't know? If you are truly giving "bad advice", then wouldn't these young artists just end up not going anywhere in life, anyways? So I don't see why there should be any problem.

But, of course, people have to argue over or be dicks about /something/. People just can't keep their damn noses out of other people's lives. It shouldn't be anyones concern where an artist gets advice or influence from; it doesn't affect any single person in any way, shape, or form unless they personally know them. Even then, unless they're something like family, it still likely doesn't concern them.

And, like you said, artists get influence from many different sources. Getting a little bit of influence from you won't hurt anyone in the long run. Hell, I do think you are a good artist. No, not the best, and you've never tried to make yourself seem like you are. But there are a great amount of us who do enjoy your work.
davidsstoryboard Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Hi Andrew,

I just read your and honestly your whole situation hurt me. I know I'm nowhere near to understand you situation but as a 'young artist' you inspire me. I'm now a College's art student and a whole lot of people used to love to tell me that I wasn't an artist at all. Your art and advices help me move forward to be a better artist and even if sometimes I disagree with you I still respect your opinons. It is the first time I am actually posting a comment on your page or a similar situation. I seriously think people should shut their mouth more on the Internet. I mean, yes it is a great place to give your opinion, but people just like to be mean on the matrix because you don't have any names...

Anyway the most important thing I wanted to tell you is that : You will make it like pickles. I know it sounds crazy but keep on reading if you are actually reading this... You know not everyone love pickles but it is in almost every freaking hamburger on the planet! So yeah I think you get my point. Have a wondeful holidays season you deserve it!
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