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May 13, 2013


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Equestria Girls
The trailer to "Equestria Girls" (the humanized MLP spinoff film) finally was released today. Aaaannnd everyone's freaking out. Again.

You know, it actually looks pretty decent. Bronies... please understand: I know you're a major unexpected demographic for the show. I know you enjoy seeing shout-out's become canon within the show, and appreciate how the creators do little things here and there for you. But... the show isn't made for you. This is not Cartoon Network and the target demographic isn't 25 year olds in college. You're a nice addition to the target demographic of little girls, but you are not the driving force behind MLP.

I don't want this to sound mean, but it needs to be said. This is where it becomes very important to understand the fine line between being a fan of the show and thinking that because you've invested so much energy into the show that you're entitled to things.

I'm sure the movie won't be as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It honestly looks pretty good from the little I've seen in the trailer. It looks to have all the expected trappings of a "fish out of water" and "parallel universe" storyline, and those generally are a lot of fun. The fact that there's magic involved and that the alternate human universe characters don't seem to know who Twilight is, suggests that there's a deeper crisis that needs to be dealt with than the apparently shallow "become the prom queen" setup people think it will be.

Also, there won't be any shout-outs to Lyra. Lyra's obsession with being human is one of those things the Brony community latched onto that has never been hinted at in the show. So probably best to get that disappointment out of the way, ok?

Nintendo vs Developers
Nintendo is in trouble. Recently they sent out a message to all Wii users urging them to upgrade to the Wii U, clarifying point blank that the Wii U isn't just a peripheral "it's a whole new console." When you have to come out and blatantly state that to your consumers, there's definitely something wrong. Now don't worry, it's Nintendo, they design their systems to churn a profit no matter what. They're not going anywhere. But it is still pretty depressing to see them struggling so badly.

Speaking of struggling, at what point do we stop blaming Nintendo for the lack of 3rd party games and start blaming the developers for simply being lazy scumbags? It seems like every week a new story goes up about how developers are passing on the Wii U, despite many employees of those developers stating that there's no reason to do so.

I know it's customary to blame Nintendo for their inability to secure 3rd party developers... but when do we point the fingers at the developers and start saying "get up off your ass and DO something, stop blaming them for your own failings." Just wondering...
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PonyFreak123 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
ForIncognitoUse Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
Nintendo can actually make their own games unlike that of microsoft or sony.
DTJB Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tom, welcome to the [insert name of popular franchise series here] fandom. Reactions will happen.
Hee hee hee hee hee, bro nuts.
NickinAmerica Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
Here's how I see it, as its own thing and as a microcosm of how the show in general has fared lately.

All they did was slap a coat of paint on some Bratz and/or Monster High dolls, and BAM! Done.

I never liked this series for the rainbows and sugary happy sappy stuff. Sure, its atmosphere grew on me, but that isn't what got me hooked. I don't watch strawberry shortcake or care bears, but this was special. I enjoyed the first two seasons of this because I could empathize with the characters. They didn't feel like caricatures created to sell toys. They were... well, they were basically people. As of season 3, though, I can't relate to them anymore, because this show is becoming exactly what I celebrated it for NOT being. What were characters are now constructs, and what was art is now a simple toy commercial.

Yeah, you could say that it was made with little girls in mind all along, of course it was, but it was still charming and intelligent enough for its appeal to be more universal, for it to reach everyday people like me. THAT'S what drew me in.

I dunno exactly what's going on at Hasbro right now, but it's obvious that someone up there is sick of the Brony stereotype being attached to their brand, of this being something that anyone can enjoy, so they're narrowing their focus down to the demographic this was always "intended" for.

With this... they really are aggressively pandering exclusively to little girls now, trying to make high school look like the most amazing, magical place in the world like so much other junk marketed to little girls, so that they can't wait to be a big girl and follow their favorite characters there.

This is NOT entertainment. This is not special. This it typical high school fluff, with the prom and the impossibly bland male romantic interest and the grating pop "music" and all that junk. "Oh look, she's eating like a horse in the cafeteria! It's funny 'cause she isn't actually a horse anymore! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL". >blegh<

I know, I know.... "give it a chance". I gave Friendship is Magic a chance because is was... well, it was nice. There was never any barrier that needed to be broken down. I checked it out, and it was nice. This, though? This is just gaudy and frivolous and... soulless.

Like I said... Bratz with a new coat of paint. That's all this is.
98PeachFuzz Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
3 words, Twilight After Puberty X)
adraenohmygosh Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
that probably just ruined my whole tv
98PeachFuzz Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry! XD
appledashpi3 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
i dont think it will be that bad accually! i thought it would suck but it looks kinds cool
Silnev Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
a few things:

1. It seems your brony bit seems to basically amount to "it's a show for little girls." Now wasn't that a term that was used by everyone that disliked bronies and a term that bronies themselves have tried to erase from being associated with the fandom. So basically you are saying that you think the bronies and pegasisters should stop their bitching cause it's a show for little girls. Well then Mr. Hater can you please return to 4chan's hater boards where you belong. :D

2. If nintendo is coming out and asking it's customers to buy the wii u then it is obvious that the console has failed expectations and might end up like all the un-sold atari 2600s (under a junkyard in new mexico).

3. I think nintendo should take what they have and just focus on their handheld's rather than a console cause the last good console they made was the gamecube and that was back when the only rival they had was the PS1+PS2. (the xbox came after the gamecube). I mean in the handheld market their only rival is once again sony with their vita.

4. Developers aren't putting games on the wii u because there is no point. Think about group 500 gamers, and ask them what console's they own and the results would proabably be 40% PC, 20% PS3, 25% 360, 5% Wii U. This basically means that if third party developers were to spend time and money making games (and porting (adjusting game settings to match what the wii u can do)) to ultimately make a game that won't sell as well as the same game on the PC, PS3 or 360 then you are going to lose money more than make it.

5. Finally this is a question to anyone who reads my comment: Other than Bayonetta 2 can you name me any game on the wii u that isn't already out on the other consoles or isn't licencesed by Nintendo?
Because let me tell you how many games are on the wii u that you can't get on other consoles: 11 games.....SERIOUSLY!

and they are: Game party champions (essentially any party based game you can get on other consoles), Lego city: Undercover (not the cool lord of rings lego or the dc lego games a lego game about being a police officer), Monster hunter ultimate 3 (and that is only because capcom didn't want to pay the amount that is required to make a ps3 only game), New super mario bros (a new mario game haven't seen that before), Nintendo land (think of this as wii sports 2), Scribblenauts unlimited (i will admit this is probably the only good game this console has to offer), Sport's connection (this is a hd version of wii sports), Tank! Tank! Tank! ( a namco game that has been out since 2009 on the wii), Transformers: Prime game (why would you want a singleplayer game with poor gameplay where there is two alternates avaible in the form of fall of cybertron and Transformers: Universe (an upcoming MMORPG made by Jagex (the guys who made runescape) and will be free)) and ZombiU (and you wouldn't play COD Zombies, Walking Dead or L4D why?)

So of those 11 the only appealing game was Scribblenauts and I am not going to buy a $300 console just to play one game. Also it turns out Bayonetta 2 isn't even out yet so nintendo's big ringer isn't even very useful at this point. And until more good games are announced I'll be saving my money for GTA 5, SR4, GT6, Grid 2 and any other good games coming out this year for my PS3. :D
TomPreston Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
1. No I don't think they should stop bitching because its a show for girls, I think they need to understand that the show isn't made with them in mind. Occasional call outs and references yes, but the whole show? No. Keeping things in perspective is important and flying off the handle gets us nowhere (remember Derpy?). It's like if people were to complain that a Mickey Mouse cartoon wasn't "edgy" or "bloody" as they wanted it to be. No shit, it's a Mickey Mouse cartoon...

2. I'll look at the other points later, right now I can't.
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