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June 10, 2013


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Mirror's Edge 2
Honestly didn't see that one coming, but I am happy nonetheless. While the first game wasn't very remarkable, I just love the art style and the stark contrast the game presents compared to every other post-apocalyptic-near-future-world that exists. Chock me up to interested.

Killer Instinct
Didn't see this one coming either. Quite surprised, but personally don't care. I've never really paid attention to fighting games much, yes even Super Smash Bros. I have a feeling this will be one of those games that we think will be amazing, but the newest generation of kids won't understand why they should care (kinda like DuckTales).

Sidenote: Quite disappointed with the way they handled the demonstration by bringing out a woman to play multiplayer with and "destroying" her while simultaneously saying shit like "just give up... it will be over soon." Scripted or not, that scene was appalling.

Minecraft on Xbox One
I'm... actually quite disappointed by this as well. Setting aside the hilariousness of how all the devs up on stage talk about "realistic graphics" only to trot out one of the most unrealistic styled games ever, the fact that Minecraft is on the Xbox One kinda feels like a let down. Last I heard, Notch was highly disappointed with Windows 8 and was considered not porting Minecraft to Microsoft based machines. I think there would be so many more opportunities for Minecraft to appear on things like the 3DS, or Vita, and it's disheartening to see none of those visions come to light. I love Minecraft and I want the potential of the game to be explored, not hindered.

Xbox One for $500
Not surprised at all. I knew they couldn't keep it under $300, despite what everyone else was saying. I'm sorry Microsoft but $500 for a souped-up TV system is insane, especially in this economy. If the PS4 can't somehow come under the $500 pricetag, I'm going to be very disappointed this gen.

Xbox One In General
All our fears were confirmed. The Xbox is capable of all the worse DRM anti-piracy bullshit we all were begging them not to implement. Their only saving grace was that they're gonna let the publishers decide to implement the features if they want, meaning that no two game for the system will be alike and that companies like EA and Ubisoft will likely leap at the opportunity to squeeze as much money out of consumers as possible.

While Microsoft DID show off a lot of games, many of which are exclusive, I am sorry but I can't justify this system. I can't justify a console that won't let me play games I bought if I don't have an internet connection. I can't justify a $500 machine that will render both the console AND the games it plays obsolete the second Microsoft decides to shut down their servers come next gen. I can't justify the creepy "always watching" Kinect or the complete lack of indi game development and backwards compatibility. I also haven't watched TV in over a decade since I got Netflix and started streaming video online rather than paying for cable. Even with the exclusive games... I'm sorry but I just can't do it. There's nothing of value here for me personally. Of course you are free to disagree, but from my point of view this is the worse console I've ever seen produced. I'd rather play a CD-I game than the Xbox One.

Not out of the woods yet
I know this is gonna make me sound like a Nintendo Fanboy but... why aren't more gamers siding with Nintendo this gen? Even the PS4 has pulled some really bad stunts and while they are making up for it simply by virtue of "not being Microsoft," there is still a lot wrong with the PS4 as a device. Meanwhile Nintendo has backwards compatibility to 30 years worth of gaming history, it's DRM free, it supports indi development, it features a controller more-so than motion controls, you can play games away from your TV, the ability to switch between gaming and your TV is far less intrusive than the Xbox One's, there's a strong online community, the online is free, and while not AS tech-heavy as the PS4 and One, it's still a very impressive machine. Seems to me like everything gamers want is in the Wii U, yet no one is talking about them at all. It's all about how the PS4 will "beat" the Xbox One. Wii U isn't even brought up as a side note. I don't get that...

Anyway, we still have Sony's press conference and Nintendo's livestreaming event. Don't forget you can go to select Best Buy's in North America and demo Nintendo games!
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DTJB Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As much as I like the idea of a new Killer Instinct, I won't keep my hopes up either. I've learned that resurrecting a franchise doesn't always equal succes; it looks cool now, but who knows what the future holds. Also, I loved the original 2 games back in the day, but after playing them again at a friend's house, my reaction was "this is so 90's". I surely didn't mean it in a positive way.
SkylerFarrier Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
"The Xbox is capable of all the worse DRM anti-piracy bullshit we all were begging them not to implement."
I don't really know a lot about that besides the webcam that detects if there's more people than have paid. Do you have links to this? I'd love to read it.
Seems to me history matters.

You might be right, the Wii U might be the system to get, but a lot of gamers like me, big Nintendo fans, were left shuddering in the cold by Nintendo these lo many years. It doesn't take a long time to lose a fanbase, and it takes a lot to get them back.
People are really taking the "woman vs producer" thing two seriously. I saw two game players, and one of them got beaten. I guarantee you he would have said the same thing if he had been playing against a man.
Even if he said it against a man, the connotation would have been the same.

And telling someone "Don't struggle, it'll be over soon" (Which is what he said, not "don't give up. Just to add extra context) has a very, very serious history and connotation.

Overall it was just a stupid thing to do. The both of them should have been coached to keep it clean or family friendly. Maybe they were and the dude just couldn't help himself. Or worse, saw nothing wrong with it.
Maybe, but the problem is that it's not a 1:1 substitution ratio. Saying that to a man doesn't have the same negative connotations that it does to a woman. We're already amidst a huge backlash in the gaming community about women playing video games to begin with and Microsoft has this image of being the "rich white men" group up on stage. So when they finally trot out a woman and then say that to her, it's viewed as being at best very insensitive.

I think the problem is that the writers or actors didn't think about what they were doing because they don't see the sexism and the hatred in the gaming community the same way. And that's a problem we need to fix.
I mean, I guess if you look at in context, then I would agree with you. I just don't see gender like most people do. I take the same amount of offense regardless of gender.
Which is how, in an ideal world, it should be done...

but we don't live in an ideal world and unequality is still sadly very very pervasive. Especially so in America. Keep in mind this is a country that only allowed Women to vote less than 100 years ago...
You say it's backwards compatible to 30 years, but i thought it's only compatible with Wii, and then whatever retro games they put on a store... I doubt you can put in your nintendo 64, SNES, etc cartridges in there...
All the big name games are already on the virtual console anyway, so unless you have tastes for really really obscure games there's nothing really to complain of.
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