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Submitted on
July 19, 2013


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**Contains Legend of Korra Season 1 Spoilers**

And honestly, I'm not feeling it. Doug Walker (aka The Nostalgia Critic) has been doing a series where he's been vlogging his experience watching the original Avatar series for the first time (Take a look they're actually really good go watch them!… ). He's a new fan to the series and his enthusiasm and critique of the original series has only helped to intensify my loathing and hatred of The Legend of Korra's disastrous season finally.

The more I remember how amazing and awesome the original Avatar series is, the less I am interested in picking up the pieces and following these unlikable characters through another series of exploits, especially after haphazardly killing off the main villain in such a clumsy and awkward way. Not only that, but there's no growth to the main character at all. There's no journey of her learning how to be an Air Bender the way there was for Aang, as her powers are unlocked through lazy writing (more on that in a minute). There's nothing left to really continue with except continuing to force the relationship dilemmas that they've made very clear by the end of the 1st season who gets with who anyway so... there's no real point going on with it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was lightning in a bottle and their attempts to replicate it but make it "more grown up" with Korra have failed spectacularly in my eyes. It started off with such good promise with interesting set ups and situations, but all of them failed (or worse crashed and burned) during the season finally. Here are my top 4 reasons for hating the ending to Korra.

1. Korra doesn't learn anything. She still runs in and fights head on and doesn't have patience and doesn't learn airbending at all. It gets "unlocked" through some bullshit excuse when her powers are taken away.

2. Aang solves all the problems. After Amon is dead and Korra is left as just an airbender, she walks away and meets the spirit of Aang who then proceeds to give her back her powers (which had JUST been taken away not more than 5 minutes ago) where she then proceeds to go through all the cast who lost their powers and fixes them. EVERYTHING that was being built up as this terrible awful dehumanizing thing that Amon was doing to the world throughout the entire first season... erased. And not just erased, but erased in the last MINUTE of the episode.

3. Amon is dead. Seriously why kill him off like that? You KNEW you had 2 more seasons left to go through, or at least you did before the series AIRED. I can't believe for a second that the producers couldn't have simply removed that scene or called in a last minute edit (which is a very common thing to do with animated TV shows) to keep Amon as a villain. Without him as the great threat to overcome, there's nothing to look forward to in the next season. Nothing to keep the seasons connected in any way except through the main characters.

4. Mako is a jackass. Fuck Mako. Not the voice actor who did General Iroh in the original series. No the stern cold hearted jackass who is Korra's "love interest." Except that Korra already HAD a love interest in the form of Bolin. Also, Mako cheats on his girlfriend to be with Korra. CONSTANTLY. He keeps telling Korra he likes her, while holding on the arms of his girlfriend who he saved from her crazy father and who genuinely loves him back. What a selfish asshole. I don't want anything to do with this guy. By the end of the season it's clear who's who in the roster. Bolin is Sokka. Mako is Katara. Plus it's just disheartening to see such a selfish, arrogant, womanzing, sexist asshole be given the name of Mako, the voice actor for Iroh.

Watching the trailer for the new season it seems pretty clear they don't have any idea what to do next with the characters and are just rehashing already known spirit characters through some contrived war of spirit world versus human world. That wouldn't be a problem for me IF those seeds had been planted in the first season. But they weren't. The entirety of the first season was about Amon taking people's bending powers away and nothing to do with the spirit world. Amon is dead, and the producers have 2 more seasons to make so... well... i guess they gotta come up with something.

I'm making a prediction right now. Season 2 of Korra will be the spirits angry at the world and all the characters fighting back, with some moralizing lesson in the season finally.

I can't do it, Nickelodeon. I can't muster any interest in seeing what happens to Korra or any of the other characters. Probably would've been best to just end it at the first season and skip ahead another 100 years so we'd have a different avatar to start the slate fresh. I'm gonna have to rely on you guys to watch this for me and tell me if I'm wrong or that they might "justify" themselves later, cuz I can't muster the dedication to watch it.
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ButtonandLace Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
So...yeah. Not sure you're ever gonna read this, but: You weren't too far off the mark with your predictions. Honestly, if you were to watch the second season you might give the first a bit more slack. This season had good moments but it took a while to get to them and the storytelling was extremely sloppy. The spirits played a role in things, but we don't see a lot of them until much later in the season. Korra starts off the season by being really unlikeable and remains that way for quite a while. She does have character development, but you'll notice that when she seems to be advancing in maturity, it comes at the cost of rendering the other characters unlikeable. She and Mako break things off with each other in the end, but not before we have to go through another damn love triangle and Mako shows himself to be not only an unlikeable character, but a hypocrite as well. He makes a confession ( during the final episode) but by then, it is too late and I just couldn't stand his character anymore. There's a lot more but...meh. I honestly might just say fuck it to the third and fourth seasons that are coming up. It took too long for these characters to have any sort of development and they all act either unlikeable or utterly stupid until it was convienient to the plot for them to change. Don't think I like these characters enough anymore to bother with the next couple of seasons.
DTJB Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I can understand.  As much as I liked Korra, there were certainly some weak spots and the wrap up was a little TOO perfect.  Could have used a whole second season to relearn and rebuild, but I guess the producers felt we'd only be satisfied with a Hollywood ending.  The whole show felt like a nice little add on to the franchise and I never expected a second season (aside from Nick cashing in of course).  I'll keep my eyes open, but something REALLY needs to happen to recapture the magic.

I will mention one great thing about Korra, Uncle Bumi.
rockpopple Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
Yep. Totall aree with this too. Along the ride I was into Korra but it wasn't until that disastrous season finale that I realized Korra was a fucking trainwreck. Now we're just hoping that Korra 2 will be decent but.... well...
Sam-SSF Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
I didnīt even bother to see the full Season... Got bored pretty son . - . (Oh God, I hate Mako! ... Not the voice actor, thatīs clear ; u ; )
solarisknight Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Hobbyist
The way they introduced Korra at the beginning should have been a red light. When I saw that scene, after spending so much time with the humble and likeable Aang...I just had to pause the video and physically facepalm,  thinking "why would the writers do this?!"
Arbiter10123 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student General Artist
I actually really enjoyed the Legend of Korra, although killing off the main villain was a stupid idea, though, didn't they think they were only getting a season?
Caliphos Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought that the producers/writers/whoever were only slated for one season prior to airing the show and only recently (or after it began airing) that they were going to be given about 2 more seasons? Mind you, I could very well be wrong. But I wasn't impressed with neither the season finale, nor the overall character development (or lack thereof really). One thing they did do well, though, was the animation itself and the action scenes. They looked so darn pretty! However, that certainly didn't save the series from paling in comparison to the original avatar. I could say  more, but the rest is really self-evident and painfully visible through the show itself.
AnonymousGX Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013
But what if the spirits DID tell him how to use Bloodbending to remove people's bending? Here's a possibility as to Noatak's past:
Noatak leaves his family at the Northern Water Tribe. Like Ummi, he made his way to the Spirit World. There, he found Wan Shi Tong and his library. Noatak was convinced, either by Wan or himself, that bending and the Avatar was the root of all wars. Since this was a noble goal, Wan Shi Tong gave him knowledge of how to remove a bender's ability in a war-less way.
When Noatak failed, Wan Shi Tong blamed the Avatar, and gathered an army of Spirits that were unhappy at this non-spiritual Avatar and her actions. OR Wan was planning to force the bender-less population into submission, which would be another way to stop all wars.
devoutburrito Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student General Artist
i can agree with you on the end of book one being.... not as satisfying. i mostly mean when spirit aang visits korra and restores her water/fire/earthbending like whatever, and also allowing korra to instantaneously learn spiritbending (or at least enough to restore all the other depowered benders). but there are certain things that i disagree on. the whole point of the first book is watching korra coming into her own as an avatar; she is not aang, and as much as i hate mako (the character), i feel like the love triangle was a good touch to the show. the state of the world in LoK was different than in ATLA in that they do not live in a war-torn world, and so they have the time and luxury to think of things that teenagers naturally think about. it adds a layer of complexity to the overall relationships between each character, and personally, it feels more real to me that way, because as we all know, relationships are not usually that simple.
devoutburrito Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Student General Artist
oh, and one more thing. tarlok (because he died, too) and amon/noatak's deaths to me was more about their respective  self-destruction than anything, so i guess i don't really have a problem with it.
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