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March 15, 2013


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Brentalfloss contacted me early this week wanting to collaborate on a video about the new Pope. Our goal was to finish most of the art by the end of the week and just add in the Pope's face later when we finally found out who he was so that we could time the video with his election. As anyone who's probably seen CGP Grey's video about "how to elect a pope"… , knows that it can sometimes take a very long time. So I was planning to work on this project rather leisurely in-between other projects like brentalfloss the comic.

Then I woke up Wednesday afternoon to a txt from brent indicating that they had just elected Pope Francis.

We both immediately leapt into action. Brent worked on finishing the song and starting to edit the video, while I worked on churning out the artwork as fast as humanly possible. I literally worked for 30 hours straight without sleep trying to get the various illustrations finished in time. Every time I finished a drawing I would send it to brent who would then insert it into the video he was currently editing. I wrapped up the final drawing yesterday afternoon around 7pm... then promptly crashed from exhaustion.

I've had tight deadlines before, but never like this! Dear god...

Anyway, that's why brentalfloss the comic will be a little late this week. We had something else unexpectedly come up... lol

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BoredTrucker Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
reading the comments on youtube for this video makes my soul hurt. how do you guys handle it? i'd actually listen to the voices in my head that tell me to burn things O.o

that being said...great video :D lol
Nocturnal-Dayz Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
:lol: This certainly brightened up my night. Now whenever they show the guy on t.v. or in the news this song and that car will be running through my head.
minecraftbob Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013

and, if u think 30 hours of art is hard, try bout 15 hw assignments, most of which are math.
nora-betty227 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
That, sir, is brilliant!
CannedMadMan66 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Okay, I would never speak against anything you make, I respect you're right to creativity, I've often ignored/bit my tongue on any and everything political you brought up on here because I watch you for the comedy pieces you do, but here I really gotta speak my mind. For the sake of the Latino community as a whole, could you please not bitter the moment for us where we've finally had something good happen for us?

I'm aware of all the problems with the Catholic Church, I've lost a lot of my faith in it because of all the scandals, I'm well aware that the Church is 100 years behind in its thinking, but the fact that people are putting all these things personally on Pope Francis makes all Latinos look bad. Its just giving people another reason to marginalize us. It was bad enough that people are still trying to prove that "He's Italian not Argentinian" because apparently Latinos aren't worthy of such a position but with people attributing everything that is wrong with the Church now on to Pope Francis I, its like no one wants Latinos to have any sort of pride in themselves now.

I would never ask you to censor your own art, that's not something any artist should do when art is meant to speak the mind of the creator and portray it visually, but please take this into account. Now more than ever its really hard to be Latino here and abroad. With drug wars ragging in Mexico, Venezuela having a sudden shift in government leadership, a long history of military dictatorships both in Central America and South America, and continued marginalization of the remaining native populations all over Latin America we just really need something we can say that we're proud of. Please don't just jump in on this band wagon to tear the new pope apart just so it continue on making all of us Latinos look bad.
TomPreston Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
I think you're reading a little too much into this. It didn't matter who was going to be pope, we were gonna make this same joke no matter who got elected.

I can understand your frustrations, people elected into positions of power are often burdened with the problems of the last administration (Obama anyone?), but this is no way a "take down" of Francis. I've never met the man, I don't know anything about him, and I'm sure he's done a lot of good in his life. From what I understand the man is a lot more tolerant than the previous pope was, and that's a good thing. But please rest assured, we're not trying to harm Latinos with this video.
CannedMadMan66 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
It reassures me knowing that this isn't something made specifically for Pope Francis. Thank you. I apologize for seeming a bit over analytical.

Its just that so many people have been turning this against the Latin community since he took his seat in the Vatican. Like his whole deal on gay marriage, people direct it like its something specific that he's against when its no new fact that the Church is still 100 years behind and is against these sorts of things still; he's not the first Catholic to speak against it and that most certainly doesn't mean that all Latinos hate homosexuals (people only seem to want to acknowledge something that seems to be another problem about us). Rather than it being a positive outlook/event for Latinos, people have taken this event as something to tear us down more.

Thank you for responding to this the way you did. Its relieving to know that this isn't something else in the line of things to make the Latino community look bad. We really need something positive after everything else that's happened in the last decade.
LtLink Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
just watched it before checking my deviantart. and damn. i gotta say it was awsome. the song was badass. but the art is what did it for me! your amazing!
RookieOwl Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You just made my day man
celticpath Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
lol Awwww... Bless your heart Tom! (and I mean that sincerely) Your hard work definitely paid off. The artwork and video turned out great! :)
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