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December 17, 2011


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A few months back I wrote a journal about an internet censorship bill that was looking to be passed in the congress. The bill was poorly written, but the broadness of the wording freaked a lot of internet dwellers out. People were scared their favorite websites would be censored or removed completely. Thankfully the bill didn't pass. Unthankfully a new version is going up for vote now and this time it's getting far more support.

SOPA = Stop Online Piracy Act

Once again it's very broadly written and could have very serious implications if it gets passed. The bill is written with the expressed purpose of being able to take legal action against online piracy in foreign markets. It seems likely that the bill is meant to snub out piracy sites like, but the wording is so broad that it's very possible that it could have serious repercussions elsewhere.

Yesterday the bill was supposed to be voted on, but it was delayed due to a filibuster. It's currently set to be voted on next week.…

The good news is that it was delayed. The bad news is that a lot of big Hollywood studios are trying to throw their weight behind the bill. The other good news is that even if this bill is passed next week, there's still a chance to stop it before it becomes a law. And even still after it becomes a law, there's always an opportunity to challenge it for repeal.

Even if the bill passes, the fact that it's so broadly worded can't be good for it. We can always challenge the law if it does get passed, and many companies who think this bill will help them will soon see how negatively it affects them. So keep your chin up guys. The fight isn't over yet.
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AraDiaTerror Dec 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Nintendo, Sony and Disney are supporting this bill btw

thornach Dec 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Spread the word, people

Auxilon Dec 21, 2011
The only way an insane bill like this could even make it out of the House would be by a miracle. Say your prayers, everyone, and call up your congressmen.
I understand why they are doing this but I know that if it gets passed this will only mean trouble for us poor people who only want to get our ideas out to those who have like-minded ideas.
^ I would advise taking 20 minutes out of your life to watch this. It's very informative ^.^
TheBattyCrow Dec 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This still won't stop Piracy, which is the sad thing... just like a No Smoking law won't stop smoking totally, or No Drinking.
I understand what they want to do, but this isn't the way to go about it. I don't want to shut down my fan art, to me, drawing fan art is a huge form of praise and I give full credit, i don't take credit that isn't mine :X
ARGH!! now I'm on a rant!
It's a bill, that means it will be broadly worded and convoluted. People need to stand up against all the bills that are so thick with fluff. We can't afford to only pay attention to the ones which might directly affect our pastimes. It's how they edge control out from under the people and into their hands.
SOPA is impossible to take seriously. Not only because it's fucking stupid, but because sopa is spanish for soup.
You know what, I find this bill disgusting!! and I damn hope Obama vetos this bill.
Lamar Smith, US Goverment and other major hungry money media companies, BRING IT ON! I'M NOT SCARED OR WORRIED OF YOU ANYMORE!

Even if it does pass:
- YouTube, Twitter, Facebook would be forced to shut down.
- James Rolfe's AVGN movie would had to be scraped and even his CineMasscare page would be shut down because of this SOPA bullcrap.
- dA would be shut down fan arts violate copyright.
- Many jobs would be lost because most businesses NEED THE INTERNET or else they'll be gone.
- On Demand/Catch up TV services would be closed down.
- PSN/Xbox Live would be forced to shut down.
- Would destroy fandom such as fanmade art/videos.
- Skype would be useless.
- Online shopping would be dead.
- Cause riots/chaos and more hate will build up against the US government and media companies especially the traitor Lamar Smith.
- LP's and game reviews would be destroyed.
- Will even affect my life!!

Screw this bill, it won't even pass, not even Obama (hope he's against this too.) since he has blogs.
Also, Microsoft is also opposing this bill. Why?

- They need Xbox Live.
- They NEED the internet for their Live services and even Windows.
- They also find this bill disgusting.
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