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December 16, 2013


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So last time I wrote about Skyrim Mods, I asked for people’s suggestions on what mods to use. I thought it might be fun to list a bunch of the mods I have and provide links to where you can download them all. I’m fairly certain that all the mods I have listed here are also available on Steam if that happens to be your method of playing Skyrim.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul…?
Updates the Guard dialogue to be much more diverse and has them comment more specifically on your accomplishments in the game rather than repeating the same dialogue over and over again.
Flyable Broomsticks…
Adds a crafting recipe and a levitation spell that makes brooms flyable. Be a witch!
Adds footprints for when you run in snow or ash. Makes animals and dragons leave prints as well. Good for hunter immersion.
The Paarthurnax Dilemma…
Makes it so you can still be a blade without having to kill Paarthurnax.
Adds rainbows under very specific and rare weather conditions.
Splash of Rain…
Adds rain splashes to uncovered areas and makes plants react to it. Also adds ambient rain sounds while indoors.
Helgen Reborn…
A massive quest to rebuild Helgen. Fully voice acted and scripted. Remarkably well done. Help the townsfolk rebuild the damaged city from the opening segment of the game. Lots of perks and includes a player home. Highly recommend it!
Run for your lives + When Vampires Attack……
Makes the NPC characters run inside during a Dragon or Vampire attack respectfully. Unfortunately they are not compatible with each other (can result in towns becoming deserted because everyone is hiding inside even when an attack isn’t happening). So I strongly recommend you pick whichever one you think will be most valuable to your gameplay style.
Enhanced Wetness and Puddles…
A simple mod that enhances the wetness to areas around water. Adds some amazing subtle effects to Markarth which I really love. It does, however, conflict with Realistic Water Two due to both trying to update meshes and textures. I recommend installing Realistic Water Two first then installing Wetness and Puddles. If it asks you to overwrite something, hit skip. That should solve any conflicts.
Realistic Water Two…?
Overhauls all the water effects and enhances them accordingly. An absolutely AMAZING mod that takes the generic water effects and makes it 10x more realistic. I HIGHLY recommend this mod.
Cutting Room Floor…?
Adds content that was originally cut from the game. Not necessary but just kinda cool to see stuff that could’ve been there.
Destroy the Thieves Guild…?
Allows you to wipe out everyone in the Thieves Guild and put corrupt officials in jail in Riftin. For people like me who hated thief quests this is an awesome additional quest.
Beautiful Cities…?
A simple mod to enhance all the cities around the world to be a little more pretty. Adding trees and foliage here and there. Extremely unobtrusive, this mod doesn’t go into overkill and compliments the gameplay extraordinarily well. I highly recommend it if you wanna just spice up your towns just a tad.
Point the Way…?
Adds more signs to the roads so you don’t have to keep checking your map to figure out where you’re going. A very simple but effective mod.
Lanterns on the Roads…?
Another unobtrusive mod that adds lanterns along the road to make them seem more active. Helpful for people who play with realistic lighting mods.
Wearable Lanterns…?
Makes it possible to fuel lanterns and attach them to your body while traveling. Again, very useful for people who play with realistic lighting mods, and helps you see better in caves.
This mod makes it so that when enemies cry out “mercy, please don’t kill me” they don’t just get right back up and try to attack you. Instead they become neutral, allowing you to pickpocket them 100%. For people like me who like to play honorable characters, this is a godsend! I hated having to kill people who begged for mercy.
Smelting - A Way to Recycle…?
This mod allows you to melt down swords and armor you have into ingots. Just a simple mod that makes the immersion a lot better as it gives you the ability to get rid of worthless swords and trade them in for material to craft better stuff with.
Get Drunk…?
Another simple mod that just enhances the immersion. Wine and other alcoholic beverages will distort the visuals for a period of time and sometimes cause you to stumble. The effects also stack, so don’t drink like 30 Skoomas in a row, ok?
Dragon Souls to Attributes…?
This adds a shrine up on High Hrothgar that you can meditate under to convert Dragon Souls to Perks. 10 Dragon Souls equals 1 Perk. Great for players like me who have more Dragon Souls than levels, plus it’s kinda costly so it keeps you from abusing it.
Perseid’s Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental…?
This mod changes the Inns and Taverns in Skyrim to look different from each other. In addition it allows you to rent rooms for longer than one day. Also, each inn has a different stay price, so not all inns cost a measly 10 coins. Poor Taverns have little money, and popular Taverns have lots of money. It’s a great enhancement to Skyrim’s boring Tavern look. Only two downsides. Due to the added dialogue, the NPC’s might not speak the words to certain questions. Not a problem if you have captions on. Also you might need this update to fix some mesh errors:…?
Immersive Beds…?
Adds a simple “going to bed” animation. Compatible with Hearthfire houses and Dawnguard vampire coffins.
Generous Dovahkiin…?
Adds a simple dialogue box that increases the amount of money you can give to vagabonds. Also allows you to give sweet rolls to children. Doesn’t actually change much, just makes you feel better about those poor people on the streets.
Training Dummies and Targets Upgrade…?
This mod makes it so that hitting Training Dummies and Targets will increase your levels. So they actually DO help you train!
Shrine Worshipers and Pilgrims…?
This mod adds pilgrims who travel to specific shrines to worship the gods they believe in. It just enhances the immersion by giving these people something to do. They travel in caravans and go from town to town. Sometimes you can trade with traders.
Get Snowy…?
A very simple mod that enhances the colder areas quite effectively. It just adds accumulated snow to your body if you’re out in a snowstorm. It affects all animals, creatures, and NPC’s too. Makes places like Winterhold College much more realistic. Also works great for Frostbite and Survival mods.
Winter is Coming + Cloaks of Skyrim…?…?
Adds a variety of different cloaks to the NPC of Skyrim. You can use animal pelts to make fur coats or linen wrappers to make cloth ones. Each town and region has their own cloak for guards. There is a patch that makes both these mods compatible too. It just helps enhance the world more.
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches…?
Adds craftable pouches that you can wear to help increase your carrying capacity. You can wear more than one at a time, and there are different sized bags you can craft, giving you a lot of options to upgrade your carrying.
GuruSRs Divorce…?
This makes one of the Mara shrines at the Temple of Mara divorce you from your current mate. This is helpful for players who have lost a spouse but can’t remarry.
Skyrim Toy Story…?
Adds craftable toys to give to your children. They won’t play with them, but it’s just something to help your immersion a bit more.
This mod adds the large waves from Dragonborn to areas around Skyrim’s coast. Works pretty well but can look odd at times. Just another enhancement to make the environment feel more alive.
Wet and Cold…?
Makes the environment feel more realistic by making NPC characters dress up according to the weather. It also adds effects like cold breath for when NPC talk, to drip effects when you get out of water. Very subtle effects but well worth the investment I think.
Green Water Fix…?
This is a simple mod to fix an underwater glitch that I started to encounter where I couldn’t view anything when I went below the water.
Marriable Serana…?
This just makes it so that you can marry Serana after a certain point in the Dawnguard questline. I’ve installed it but I think I messed up my chances somehow.
Populated Lands, Roads, and Paths…?
This mod adds more NPC characters who travel along the roads. Anyone from Adventurers you can hire as followers, Thieves looking to mug you, or Hunters to trade with. Just makes Skyrim less... desolate.


Big thanks to everyone who gave me advice on which mods to install and recommended ones to try out!
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Nocturnal-Dayz Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
Excellent list of mods here. It kind of makes me wonder why Bethesda themselves didn't add stuff like this in an update or something. If only I had a powerful enough computer, I'd be all over these mods. Perhaps someday, though.
djblaser Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
be warned !! as you start to download mods u will discover "skse" be sure to back up your game skyrim data folder first... cause chances are even with video assistance you will mess up the first time.. juss so ya know!!
RotRubin Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Verifying your game cache fixes your files 100% if you screw up, so there's no need for that, especially considering the Data folder is almost 10GB.

Also Gophers tutorial on how to install it is fairly straightforward, if you have any trouble installing it.
ahmeyt05 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Some more suggestions:

Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement: Gain smithing skill from smelting, making leather, and mining. Also allows you to smelt your weapons and armor into ingots. If you get this you should probably remove Smelting - A Way to Recyle. I reckon they would conflict.

Dragon Soul Relinquishment: Allows you to get perks with dragon souls. You can set the ratio in SkyUI MCM menu. It also lets you upgrade your shouts with dragon souls. As you progress the game some of your shouts become very weak. This mod aims to solve that. You can also reduce your shout recharge time, increase your carry amount among other things. Same as above with Dragon Souls to Perks.

Better Dialogue Controls: No more choosing the wrong dialogue option. The mod fixes the selection to middle dialogue option and your cursor always works to change the selection whereas in vanilla game one of the options got stuck selected and you activate wrong dialogue option.

Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos: Adds craftable samurai armor and kimonos for Blades faction. I think it also adds samurai weapons but that might be another mod related to this. I don't remember now.

Civil War Overhaul: Needs a new character (game) to play correctly. It makes the civil war much better. If you thought the vanilla quest was lackluster, you can try this some time.

Dragonborn Armor v2: Adds tiered craftable Dragonborn armors to game. Now you don't have to mix heavy and light armor to achieve Dragonborn armor that is in the game trailer. If you like roleplaying as Dragonborn you might like it.

DragonsEnhanced: Makes the dragons tougher to kill, so that the fights are more enjoyable with them. There is another mod called DeadlyDragons. It makes them god-like. This is not so much. This also makes dragons use new shouts as far as I'm aware.

Enhanced Skyrim Factions - The Companions Guild: Makes the Companions quest line a bit more believable adding some new dialog. Currently they are not voiced, so you will need subtitles. It also makes joining and progressing in the guild harder adding more quests.

Fantasy Soundtrack Project: If you get tired of Skyrim soundtrack, this mod is simply amazing. You can either replace soundtrack fully with free/legal fantasy sounds or have them besides vanilla sounds. Makes my game much more enjoyable.

Immersive Armors: Brings more variety to all the armors including the ones NPCs wear. Not compatible with Lawrens RNG Guards if by chance you have it. This information is not available anywhere. I found it out the hard way.

Immersive Weapons: Same but for weapons.

Inconsequential NPCs: Don't be fooled by its name. I suggest you check it's nexus description page. There are various NPCs this mod adds. It brings life to cities which are... let's be honest a bit better than ghost towns. Adds a bunch of lore friendly NPCs.

Interesting NPCs: Adds some fully custom, fully voiced NPCs to Skyrim. Some of which can be followers. Some give you quests. Best script in all the mods I played so far. I find the dialogue even better than Skyrim's own. If you get this, get a drink before talking to one of these, they have extensive dialogue. Again you should check its nexus page.

KenMOD - Skip Bethesda intro: Does what it says. (no NMM install support, install manually and check in mod list in NMM later).

KenMOD - Time on loading screen: Shows you your computer time on loading screens. Compatible with other loading screen mods such as Lore-Based Loading Screens and The Elder Scrolls General Loadscreen Replacer. I suggest the second one if you are going to use one.

OBIS - Organized Bandits In Skyrim: Ever felt Bandits were too weak? Too few in numbers? This fixes that and also adds bandit factions to the game. They have their own custom shields. I think this also adds bandits to roads between forts but I'm not sure about that.

OneTweak: Fixes double cursor bug and does two other tweaks which I don't use but they are useful. (no NMM install support, install manually and check in mod list in NMM later).

Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD: Replaces potion and booze bottle textures with better ones.

Random Alternate Start: Randomizes Alternate start. If you don't have interest in Alternate Start mods, don't look at this. This doesn't need other mods to run. It is standalone.

SafetyLoad: Fixes inifinite loading screen bug.

SKSE -Elys- AltF4: Enable Alt-F4 quit function and lets you use your keyboard sound controls when Skyrim is on. Needs SKSE as you can understand from its name.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul: Does what it says. It is beautiful.

Skyrim Shadow Striping Fix: Fixes weird shadow forms on people's faces etc inside poorly lit places.

Sounds of Skyrim - Civilization:
Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons: They add ambient sounds to the game. Great for better immersion imo.

Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - HD textures: Better hair texture. With this everyone gets rid of that hay pile in their head and gets a realistic and nicer looking hair.

Thundering shouts: Adds subtle thunder effect to your shouts. Similar to an OP Draugr Overlord shout which usually flings you across the dungeon. It only adds sound effect.

True Medieval Tavern Music: Adds very old real tavern music to inns. Great mod.

Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds: Replaces now sounds with real bow sounds.

Unique Dragon Priest Masks - HD textures: Not really lore friendly but they look great. They are different, badass, so I don't care :D

All of the above can be found on Skyrim Nexus. I might have forgotten a few that required manual installation and some may require SKSE to run.
Kalnaur Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You know what actually ticks me off, even though I love the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quest?  I can't kill Maven Blackbriar; she's actually flagged as unkillable.  I should know, I put an arrow in her head, hacked away with a sword, nothing.  You can get her down to kneeling, but nothing past that.  :|

There's a mod I should look for; freeing the DB and TG from her controlling influence. :D
TomPreston Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
You can put her in jail with te mod I listed.
Kalnaur Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's really not sufficient for my bloodlust, but good to know anyway.  ;)

If she must be a necessary evil, I'd rather keep her around so the thief and assassin quests stay; those are generally my favorites anyways.
RemyBlas Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I don't know what Nexus is... can I download the modes from there and used them in my Steam version of Skyrim?
Shalmendo Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013
Nexus Mod Manager is a powerful mod management tool for any version of Skyrim, and several other games. You can get it by going to the nexus mods site, and clicking on the 'install NMM' link on the top, that will download the Nexus Mod Manager installer. install and run it, then allow it time to automatically locate all the games you have installed that it supports. To speed it up you can click the red X's on games you know you don't have installed so it won't waste time looking for some that isn't there. Once you have that working you can use the Nexus site to automatically install mods by clicking on the 'install with manager' green buttons on the download pages.
RemyBlas Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Great, thanks! As soon as I get home I'll give it a try.
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