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Submitted on
February 25, 2012


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Seems like I need to clarify a couple things for people. If you don't know what the hullabaloo is all about, please read through the next couple paragraphs. If you're already caught up to the situation please skip to the second half.

Derpy's History
In the first season of Friendship is Magic, an animation mistake rendered a background pony with "derpy" eyes. The producers thought it was cute and left it in, occasionally sticking the pony in various scenes. While many people liked calling her Ditzy Doo (based on a remark made in Winter Round Up), the general internet population started calling her Derpy Hooves. Derpy became such a huge phenomenon online that the producers decided to include her in more episodes for Season 2. In Season 2 she started appearing more up close and doing strange things in the backgrounds, making for a fun game of "where's waldo" for the fans. The capper to all this was when Derpy got a speaking role in an episode and was referred to AS Derpy by Rainbowdash.

The fan community expectantly went wild. The very idea that a show made for little girls becoming popular with adults and then having the show producers both acknowledge and accept this in such a public fashion was unheard of.

not everyone was happy with it. A number of parents and a couple bronies felt that having her named "derpy" was an insult to kids who genuinely have a medical disorder resulting in crossed eyes. They raised their complaints, but Hasbro didn't seem to care.

The First incident
Then it was noted that the episode Derpy had been in was missing from the iTunes library and suddenly all hell broke lose. A number of bronies took this to mean that Hasbro was trying to "remove" Derpy from the show and they threw an internet tantrum. Despite there not being any evidence that Hasbro WAS removing Derpy, the whole community instantly lept into trying to defend her character from the parents who had raised a complaint earlier. Letters were sent, e-mails were sent, videos were made, artwork was made, and if you've ever graced DA, memebase, or YouTube you probably saw at least SOME of this going on.

In the end Hasbro released a statement saying they had no intentions of changing Derpy, and the matter seemed to be at an end.

The New incident
Recently, as in only a day or two ago, it was discovered that the iTunes episode containing Derpy had been altered. Her voice had been changed, her eyes had been uncrossed (for some scenes), and Rainbowdash no longer referred to her as Derpy. Once again, without any evidence of what's going on, the brony community is leaping into action to "defend" Derpy once more, despite there being the potential that this is all a missunderstanding. The DVD version of the episode remains unchanged, and only the iTunes version is different.

In My Opinion
A number of bronies are a little annoyed that I decided to lump ALL the brony community together in the handling of the whole Derpy issue in my last journal. The reason I chose to do this is because I feel that this whole thing could've been avoided had the brony community ignored the fuss and not drawn so much attention to it by instinctively feeling they had to "defend" Derpy.

As many people have told me in the past, the best way to deal with the small vocal group of people is to simply ignore them. Yes there was a tiny percentage of the brony community who were unhappy with the way Derpy was presented, and there was also a tiny percentage of real parents genuinely offended by Derpy. But they were the minority and the general perception from the community was that they loved Derpy and were extremely satisfied with the way she was inserted into the episodes. But by drawing attention to the vocal minority's concerns and reflexively defending Derpy against them, the community as a whole made such a fuss that even people not familiar with My Little Pony became aware that something was going on.

The bronies that raised an outcry over Derpy represents a small and minuscule portion of the brony community. BUT we shouldn't have reacted the way we did to these people, especially in light of such overwhelming lack of concrete evidence. Bottom line: We're all to blame for what happened, and I include myself in the mix too. I am not at all happy with the way we have treated this whole scenario and even though we were right to defend Derpy, we should have had the resolve to not draw attention to a non-existent issue. By defending Derpy like that, we've essentially marked her for future issues because now people are aware of her and critical of how anything involving her is going to be handled.

As I mentioned in my last journal we don't know why Hasbro decided to change that one scene for the iTunes download. There's a rumor going on right now that Hasbro had nothing to do with it and it might've been Apple who did it (which would explain the poor redubbing and slopping dialogue change). The DVD version of the episode remains un-changed, making this rumor seem a lot more logical.

As Sherlock Holmes once famously said "Data, data, data! I cannot make bricks without clay!"

We don't have enough information and yet people are leaping to these outrageous conclusions and trying to explain things with wild abandon. My suggestion to the brony community, and the reason I was so harsh on all of us in my previous journal, is that we need to take a step back, see how things play out first, THEN file the appropriate response to the factual data we've obtained.

I've brought this up before, but overreaction to internet drama like this is pretty common, especially with fan groups. It happens all the time with video game world. I've had to deal with this sort of mentality far too often and I just want people to stop reflexively reacting to everything so negatively, especially in light of the absence of data.

Hasbro has already issued a statement before that they had no intention to change Derpy, and I find it hard to believe they'd change that only a few weeks after they issued it. Stop freaking out, stop blaming people, and wait for the facts before you start hitting the forums with your righteous indignation, flooding memebase and DA with sad pony art of derpy being "abused" by Hasbro, and creating hundreds of internet petitions.

Until there is solid proof that the reason Derpy was changed for the iTunes download is a result of Hasbro trying to "remove" Derpy from the MLP:FIM cannon, I see no reason why we must blow this out of proportion and freak out like the world is ending.

RELAX people...
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who gives a fuck
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People need to learn how to chill.
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we should kill the bronies who did this! i think we should do it literally, but since its illegal ill not do it
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Needleguns Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist

Why the hell to people find Derpy offensive, but not those two 'unattractive' ponies that brought the massive monster into town to test that traveling magicians powers??? I forgot their names, and most details...

They were, if at all, more offensive than Derpy, with their unusual voice, uni brows and buckteeth.
The stereotypical idiot.

Also, BRONIES ARE THE DUMBEST PEOPLE ON EARTH. Or at least the 99% of them.
ShealShpal Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012   Digital Artist
are you implying 1% as your smart self l0l
Needleguns Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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ShealShpal Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012   Digital Artist
why do you care on this topic, then? (personally, I don't care which way it is)
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